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Equipping the Modern Gym: The Hottest Exercise Equipment of 2020

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Working out at home is becoming increasingly popular because it gives you the freedom to use your own equipment and not deal with so many people. But it can’t compete with the modern gym, especially when fully equipped with the leading gym equipment and fitness facilities that allow you to get the most targeted, efficient, and intense workouts. As equipment gets more advanced, it also gets more expensive. When owning it yourself is no longer an option, you want the most up-to-date gyms you can find to give you the workout you need.

Gym Concepts leads the way in terms of supplying gym equipment to South Africa, bringing more than a decade’s worth of fitness experience and functional design expertise to the modern gym. Here’s some of the essential exercise equipment for any modern gym, from the most basic technology to the most modern personal training interfaces. You probably started 2020 with the resolution to get fit: first, you need to resolve to get equipped.

  • Cross-Training Barbells

Any gym should start out like a person training: with the basics. Whether you’re doing deadlifts, clean lifts, or push presses, the right barbell can put you ahead of the game in cross-training. The material and make of the equipment can vastly change the benefits you get in power, speed, and coordination from doing the incredibly versatile routines possible with one of these. That’s why you want the most modern synthetic allows, the best coatings, the top of the line manufacturers. This is one of those pieces of equipment that practically requires a gym setting: even with all this modern technology, you still want a few spotters around in case you overdo it.

  • Cardio Bikes and Treadmills

These have been around for a long time, but the latest in cardio biking technology has a ton of modern advances that no gym would be complete without. LED screen displays, headphone jacks, and Cardio Advisor displays for heart rate make intense workouts easy. Recumbent bikes, ellipticals, and all manner of treadmills give people the options they need to take this workout at their own speed. It’s something that a lot of people don’t have room for in their apartments, so offering these in your gym is a great way to make it the better sell when it’s time to work out.

  • Kettlebells

Small equipment shouldn’t be ignored either: kettlebells are a competitive favorite among strength trainers due to the ease with which they combine strength and cardio into one workout while also providing invaluable flexibility training. Having these in a large array makes the modern gym accessible for a wide range of trainees, from those who are desperate to win strength competitions to those who are just trying to give themselves the kind of core control that only a kettlebell can bring. 

And advantageously, they don’t require a lot of space: each kettlebell is the same size, regardless of weight. No matter how modern a gym gets, it still has to fit it all in one room.

  • Cages

Power racks and cages may take up a lot of your open floor space, but they’re essential to any modern gym. These are how your serious trainers will get in all of the presses, pulls, and barbell squats that complete their workouts, and make the gym the enticingly versatile experience they need to get out of the garage. The most you want from any piece of equipment is versatility and having enough of these isn’t just advised, but essential. There are famous trainers and body blogs who recommend looking for these as soon as you walk into a gym, and walking right out if you don’t see one.

  • Rigging

Equipment isn’t the only thing that a modern gym needs: utilizing the space of the walls and interior design can be just as important. Wall-mounted or free-standing rigs allow for a free-range of pull-ups, calisthenics, suspension training, and gymnastics. Smartly rigging your gym with these mounts can turn on the entire functionality of your gym.

It doesn’t stop at rigging: punching bag brackets, bar racks, and pull-up racks help you use as much of your open space as possible to accommodate as much training variety as possible. Remember that even if you run out of space on the floor, you still have the walls.

  1. Interface

When equipping the modern gym, it’s not all about weights and ellipticals. Technology such as that provided by the SENZA system allows gym members to have the exact workout they want, tailored to their individual needs. Targeted metrics and lifestyle factors, as well as a simple touchscreen interface with customizable controls and multiple language options, gives gym members more dynamic and personalized options. Systems like these are how workouts evolve into the modern era.

  1. Medical Tech

There’s more to working out than training for big competitions, burning fat, and getting core control. Modern gyms are now equipped with many trainers and devices used for medicinal training, such as those provided by SportsArt’s Medical line. Treadmills equipped with safety rails and heart monitoring technology, as well as upper body trainers and ellipticals optimized for use in rehabilitation rather than strength training, are an invaluable addition to modern gym technology.

Not everyone who comes into a gym has the same goal in mind. Tailoring the equipment to as many people as possible, from those seeking the most grueling power training to those hoping for steady and easy physical rehabilitation, will be essential to the modern gym in 2020.