7 Ways to Use a Computer to Help Design a Challenge Coin

7 Ways to Use a Computer to Help Design a Challenge Coin

A challenge coin provides a unique collectible for all types of events including military events, special gatherings, or fundraisers. If you seek the creation of an enamel challenge coin, then you use a computer to help assist with the design process. A computer provides a wide range of design options and you can make your vision become a reality with these helpful tips.

1. Challenge Coin Galleries

As you plan the early stages of your challenge coin design, look through online galleries of other challenge coins. There have been thousands of designs created through the years and the galleries you look through will give you different ideas. As you browse through galleries, write a list of features and design elements you want to use on your challenge coin.

2. Free Photo Editing Tools

You do not need to invest in a major photo editing software suite to create your own custom challenge coin. You can create a coin design right from a desktop web browser using a wide range of free tools. The online tools allow you to make multiple layers within the same photo project and customize every detail within a design.

3. Stock Photo Graphics

Instead of working on photos from scratch, you can find free photos from a number of stock photo websites. The photos and clip art you find on this website are completely free to use and manipulate. You can find pictures of people, animals, and locations that you may feature on the challenge coins. High-resolution downloads will help ensure you have the best quality photos for the project.

4. Font Downloads

Venture away from standard computer fonts when you download and install custom font designs for your coins. Select from a wide range of different fonts that will help you create unique designs and text on the coin. The downloaded fonts can work in a number of photo editors and apply to different themes you may create.

5. Coin Templates

Instead of starting from scratch, use your computer to download coin templates made for photo editors. The templates will feature a traditional circle shape along with layers used for edges and text details.

6. Emboss Effects

See the 3D look and depth of a coin when you add embossing effects to your design. Many photo editors come with the emboss effect that will make a 2D coin look more 3D and showcase the different layers. The emboss effect showcases how you can add texture to an enamel coin and allows you to play around with different color options and details.

7. Freelance Graphic Designers

If you do not have a lot of experience with graphic design, then you may want to hire a freelance designer to make your coin for you. Use sketches, ideas, and details to collaborate with a freelance graphic designer. Many websites feature pools of freelance artists who can create the coin for you. With the final design, you can submit the project to a coin production team and have your coins manufactured.

Use one or more of these methods to help with your challenge coin design process.