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How to Take Your Freelance Career to the Next Level

Freelancing can be an incredible opportunity to travel the world while earning a healthy income. The opportunity allows people to live in countries with low costs of living so they can save more annually. Being able to increase your quality of life while decreasing cost of living can allow an individual to retire years in advance. Taking your freelance career to the next level might be required if you recently have gotten married or lost a job due to COVID-19. Earning a full-time income freelancing and thriving are two very different things which you need to keep in mind. The following are tips to thrive as a freelancer regardless of your skillset.

Know the Value of Your Skills

Knowing the value of your skills will come with experience. The aspect that a number of freelancers struggle with is the fear of losing a client due to an hourly rate being too high. Established freelancers understand that if their rate is fair and work is high quality that clients will eventually come around. Introductory periods where you charge less if you make this clear can help you get the jobs that might’ve passed you up due to hourly pricing. Proving your worth in these situations can be a slippery slope as a client might never want to pay an increased rate.

Be Ready for 70+ Hour Weeks

Freelancing means that you not only have to complete work but also have to find new projects. Long hours are going to be required in certain circumstances where projects overlap. There will be a few weeks over the course of the year where it seems like you are constantly working. Think of it as constantly earning during those weeks to stay motivated. Long hours can still be restricted to 5 days a week although working 7 days a week will be more profitable but increase the chances for burnout. Clients are willing to pay more for projects that are on a tight deadline so targeting these can earn you extra for work you would have done regardless. Work retreats where you visit a secluded or interesting area can allow you to entertain yourself between working sessions. Going to a cabin in Asheville to work a long week could allow you to get work done while still rejuvenating yourself professionally.

Create an Office Separate From Your Home

The home office is still susceptible to distractions regardless of how isolated it might be in the home. A craftsman style shed can be a great alternative to building another concrete block building on the property. You will get the privacy that you require when trying to knock out large projects on a tight deadline. Being able to go somewhere that you know you will not be bothered can provide a sense of peace when doing your job. Getting out of your office space as soon as you are done working is important so you are not spending excess time there.

Your freelance career can grow with quality work, great communication, and hitting deadlines. Companies of all sizes are looking for freelancers for a number of projects. Keep looking for those great projects that you will enjoy working on for years to come.