6 Essential Ideas for Tech-Lovers to Get More Sleep at Night

6 Essential Ideas for Tech-Lovers to Get More Sleep at Night

Getting adequate sleep at night is essential for good health and productivity. Besides, enough sleep promotes proper hormone production. However, getting some quality sleep at night can be an uphill task. This can take a toll on the body, leading to weight gain, inadequate brain function, and reduced immunity. However, there are effective ways of promoting better rest at night.

1- Avoid Using Screen an Hour to Bed


These days, technology has made its way into our bedrooms. But the problem is that screens, such as mobile phones and television screens, emit blue light, which has a negative effect on sleep. It affects melatonin production or the sleep hormone, hence inadequate rest. Therefore, it is advisable to steer clear of screens for about an hour to rest. It will aid in the production of melatonin which will improve sleep.

2- Expose Yourself to Daylight


Normally, the body knows when it’s time to doze off. This comes from a clock known as circadian rhythm. It defines when it’s time to do various activities in the day by producing hormones that induce sleep or make you wake up in the morning.


Getting adequate daylight sometime everyday day will help preserve a normal circadian rhythm. Therefore, it will increase the tendency to doze off at night by up to 80 percent. Besides, bright light during the day helps reduce the effects of insomnia.

3- Using CBD Products


Another reason why you may be having inadequate rest is anxiety. To help alleviate anxiety symptoms, you can use CBD products such as gummies, tinctures, and pills. These products help you eliminate anxiety and promote adequate rest. Some studies show that people who use CBD products get better rest than those who don’t.

4- Use Supplements


Melatonin, or the sleep hormone, is responsible for making you doze off. Therefore, you can take a melatonin supplement to help you get some rest during the night. Approximately 2 mg of melatonin is enough to improve your sleep cycle. So, invest in such supplements and better your sleep sequence.

5- Steer Off Caffeine at Night


Although caffeine is beneficial to the body because it increases productivity, energy, focus, and strength, it stalls sleep. Therefore, it is vital to stay off caffeine at night. Studies show that caffeine can affect normal sleep cycles even when consumed 6 hours before sleep time. So, keep off that precious cup of coffee for up to 6 hours before going to bed. If you must have some, invest in some decaf coffee since that doesn’t contain caffeine and won’t affect the sleep cycle.

6- Better the Conditions in The Bedroom


Your bedroom is essential to your sleep cycle. If there is too much noise, light, or low temperatures, you might have trouble sleeping. So, ensure that your bedroom has the right conditions at night. This helps better your rest cycle at night.


Some essential things that you might want to take care of include darkening the room, setting the temperatures to a comfortable point, and ensuring there are no loud noises. This way, you won’t feel uncomfortable when trying to doze off.


As you’ve seen, getting adequate rest at night requires you to have the right conditions to stimulate melatonin production. Therefore, you should avoid bright lights and caffeine at night, use CBD products to help you relax, and optimize conditions in your bedroom. These things will help you improve sleep.