5 Important Ways to Be Cyber Safe When You Travel

5 Important Ways to Be Cyber Safe When You Travel

When many people think about travel safety, they only think about their personal safety. However, it is also important for you to keep your cyber safety in mind. The following tips will help you stay cyber safe while on the go.

1- Avoid Automatically Connecting to Public WiFi

You can easily get your personal information stolen if you use public WiFi. Cybercriminals are known for creating fake networks. You should only connect to a trusted WiFi. If you are using WiFi inside of the airport, coffee shop, or hotel, then you should verify that you are using the place’s actual network. Keep in mind that if you are using hotel WiFi, then you will likely be required to put in a passport before you are allowed to connect to it.

2- Back Up Your Data

Before you go on your trip, you should back up your data. Your information can easily get stolen if it is not backed up. This information needs to be saved to a cloud. If someone steals your phone, then your files will still be protected inside the cloud.

3- Protect Your Devices

You should protect your smartphone, laptop, or tablet by requiring a passport to use it. You can use a password or PIN. If your device allows facial recognition, then you may want to consider using that to protect your device. You should also install anti-malware software on your devices.

Anti-malware works by scanning your device for malicious software and removing it. This type of software can also prevent your device from being infected with malware. Additionally, it is important for you to take steps to deter thieves from stealing your devices.

You can purchase a lock or alarm for your device. Avoid leaving your devices unattended when you are out in public. Keep in mind that your devices may be covered by travel insurance.

4- Be Careful About Posting on Social Media

You may be tempted to post on social media about how much fun you are having. You may also want to show people the beautiful scenery. However, it is best to avoid posting about where you went and what you did until you have gotten back from your trip. Not only can this put your cyber security at risk, but it can also put your personal security at risk.

Burglars are constantly looking for homes where people are not at home. If you post on social media while you are on your trip, then this will let them know that you are not at home.

5- Avoid Using Travel Apps

Travel apps can make things more convenient for you. For example, you can use travel apps to find the attractions in the area. However, they can put the personal information that you have on your device at risk. If you want to download an app, then you should download it from a trusted source. It is best for you to stick to the Apple or Google Play store. Hackers often create fake apps in order to get other people’s data.