4 Tips for Creating Viral Content For Your Business

Today, creating content for your business is a critical part of increasing your online visibility. If you hope for it to be especially effective, then it’s important that you make it viral. After all, if you can manage to get your content shared and passed around, then this will be that much more beneficial for your business. 

However, nowadays it’s not as simple as snapping your fingers and creating something deemed “viral.” You need to make something that’s going to create a conversation and spark buzz. Here are some of the best tips for creating viral content for your business, and ultimately driving business growth.

Know Your Audience

It’s critical that you understand your target audience if you hope to create viral content. Take the time to research and analyze who your audience is, and what their interests are. Doing that will help you create content filled with topics that resonate with them. The more you can gain insights into your audience’s unique needs and interests, the more you can fine-tune and tailor your content so that as they scroll they’ll be sure to stop at your post. The more you can resonate with your audience in your content, the more likely it is to become viral.

Make it Unique

A popular method of making content these days is copying and pasting others’ creations. In other words, people make an exact replica of something they’ve seen online before. While this can be an effective way to get a buzz going, it’s not entirely honest, and it’s hardly unique. If you get called out, this could be a little embarrassing for your business. 

Instead of copying others, make something unique. This will give your business more credibility, and ultimately more originality. Viral content is often viral because it’s unique and creative. So don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, and come up with content that strikes a chord with people. You want something that stands out, whether it’s because it’s funny, or emotional.  Whatever you do, just make sure it stands out.

Evoke Emotion

Emotion is one of the most powerful indicators of how well the video will do. Emotion comes in a wide range of forms. Whether you evoke humor, curiosity, or sentimentality, the idea is to bring something out in people that they’ve never felt before. If you can provide them with a unique story or anecdote, then you’ll genuinely connect with your audience in a way that traditional advertising can’t. The idea is to leave a lasting impression that makes your audience feel connected with you on a personal level.

Make it Easy to Share

By definition, something that is considered viral is a post that is shared and shared again on a global scale. So, if you hope for your content to be shared repetitively, make it easy for people to do. That means posting a prominent social sharing button at the bottom of your post.  From a Twitter button to an Instagram button to a Facebook button, make it easy to share in one click.