How Management Can Use Tech to Assess an Apartment Complex

How Management Can Use Tech to Assess an Apartment Complex

Technology has revolutionized the way property managers streamline their operations. Innovative tech systems have enabled them to gain remote access to apartment complexes for security and operational purposes. Property managers who have adapted to the new trends have experienced increased productivity, safety, and tenant appreciation. New platforms and applications are constantly being introduced to further enhance the property management process.

Beyond Camera and Video Surveillance

Camera and Video surveillance are common among property owners. Technology has upgraded this type of security system and incorporated additional features for landlords and building residents to have more control, access, and real-time communication.

Virtual Doorman is a sophisticated touchscreen video intercom and surveillance closed-circuit television system (CCTV) with cloud-based access control.

Cloud-based access control systems enable apartment complex personnel and management to give contractors, vendors, delivery services, and tenants access to the apartment complex from a remote location. Integrating high-definition (HD) security cameras on a cloud-based platform provides managers with access to live and recorded video feeds from any location. Property management is able to proactively monitor the apartment complexes they oversee, immediately respond to emergencies, and promptly identify and address potential security threats.

Understanding Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

Through the technology of a cloud-based access control system property managers are empowered to manage doors and gates using an internet-connected device. Mobile access control devices may connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (BLE), or Nearfield communication (NFC). Managers are also able to regulate who has the authority to open doors within a building through an online portal.

Managing Entry with Smart Access Control Systems

The implementation of smart access control systems has eliminated the need for traditional keys. Many property managers are now using a fob key system, electronic access cards, biometric scanners (face or fingerprint recognition), or smartphone apps to grant access to authorized users into apartment complexes. These systems allow management to track entry and exit times. It also enables them to restrict access to unauthorized individuals or certain areas within the complex as needed from wherever they are.

Enhanced Property Management and Tenant Communication

Tenant portals allow for property management and the residents of an apartment complex to communicate 24/7. Tenants may submit maintenance requests, make rent payments, access documents, and communicate directly with property managers via the online portal. This has favorably impacted management response times and fostered a sense of community within the complex.

Efficient Energy Management

Energy management systems monitor and control energy usage within apartment complexes while contributing to environmental sustainability. The installation of smart thermostats, occupancy sensors, and automated lighting systems help optimize energy usage, lower utility bills and reduce the carbon footprint of the property.

Technology has equipped property managers with advanced tools that eliminate the need to be on-site to monitor daily operational activities, watch security systems, or address tenant concerns. These enhancements have simplified the management process, decreased expenses, and facilitated better relationships with current and prospective tenants. Property managers and owners look forward to what technology will bring as it continues to evolve.

Embracing innovative software solutions and adopting IoT devices not only streamlines property management but also enables predictive maintenance and data-driven decision-making, optimizing property performance and enhancing the overall tenant experience.