3 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Fishing Ability

3 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Fishing Ability

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now fish in every water body regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced angler. Modern technology will help you locate fish and aid in fishing safely without killing the fish. Here are three ways you can use technology to enhance your fishing ability. Let’s dive in.

1- Use GPS Software to Find Fish

GPS is not only useful in locating vehicles and people’s directions but also fish. As a fisherman, download a GPS app on your Apple or Android phone. Some of the common GPS you can download include the following:

  • Fish Angler
  • Fish brain
  • Fishidy
  • Fish Track
  • I Angler
  • Pro Angler
  • River Flows

These apps will help you find the best places to catch different fish species in any waterbody. They work by sending you a ping when they find active fish at one of their networks, which they detect via their scanning feature.

The app then displays on your phone your closest location to the fish, allowing you to use it to pinpoint the direction. Therefore, after downloading the app, tap on the Start Fishing icon and tap on Scan Now. The fish will appear on your screen, and you can start your fishing trip.

However, the GPS fishing apps have some cons, such as they need help locating all fish species. For example, they will barely find the trout and bass if that is your fish target. The two species rely on human interaction for their food supply. For this reason, you must then use a different method to find the two species.

2- Monitor the Fishery Register

You can use technology to monitor the fishing register to quickly track when and where you can fish and the number of fish you can catch in a specific spot. The technology will also inform you whom you can sell to the species of the fish you have seen.

Monitoring the fishery register allows you to share the information you have gathered with other anglers and the authorities. This way, everyone can better control their fishing activities and decide whether they have had a good or bad fishing experience.

Even better, it allows for monitoring of the conserved fisheries, mainly for the endangered fish species. This shows that fishing authorities can control the fishing of endangered species and ensure that fishers conserve them within their fishing region.

3- Tag Fish

Fish tagging is another technology you can use to enhance your fishing ability. Fish biologists mainly use fish tagging technology for tagging predator fish such as the largemouth bass and tiger muskie.

This technology helps them to monitor the fish’s life length and how fast they grow and make a crucial decision regarding anglers who want to rare this kind of fish. Therefore, when you come across a tagged fish while fishing, know that it’s been monitored and return it to the water safely.

Tagging fish, monitoring the fishery register, and using GPS software to find fish are very important to both an angler and fish biologist. They help you understand where the fish are, what shade they like to be in, and where they are spawning. Technology can also save your life by showing you exactly how far away a fish is or that it is a good place to fish. This way, you can be certain that these technologies will improve your fishing ability because each serves a distinct purpose.