5 Ways To Boost Your Customer Reviews Online

Testimonials and product reviews online are a powerful sales tool, if you know how to get the good ones.  Most people take a look at customer reviews and testimonials before they choose to purchase a product, so you need your reviews to be positive and abundant.  

Having social proof on record can be the tidbit of information that consumers need to make their next move.  If you’re struggling to get the reviews you would like to see on your business, there are plenty of moves you can make to boost your company’s status with viewers.  

Take a moment to read through a brief compilation of a few ways to boost your customer reviews online, and start taking the necessary steps towards a better reputation today.  

Ask for the review 

Asking for reviews is the easiest way to grab up a few at a time.  You can ask customers in person if they are coming into your brick and mortar establishment.  

If you have a digital operation, use your website design to make it easy for users to leave customer reviews.  Ask for customers outright on your website to leave their thoughts and experiences, and make the task a simple one to complete.  

Educate people on how to leave a review

Many customers don’t leave reviews or testimonials because they simply don’t know how.  If you take the time to show customers how easy it is to leave a review, they are more likely to follow through with the task.  

If you don’t have the time to help customers individually, it helps to create a one-sheet tutorial on how to leave a review.  A simple piece you can provide for all customers, so they don’t have to wonder how to complete the task at hand.  

Setup space for customers to leave their thoughts

Setting up opportunities for people to leave reviews is important. As per EarthWeb, a blog is a great way to gather the thoughts and feelings of consumers regarding your business.

This digital insurance company did a great job of setting their blog up for communication.  The more chances you can offer users to leave their mark the more data you’ll have to work with in the long run.  

Send out a personal email 

Ask customers for the email during their process of purchase, and send out a personalized email asking for their review.  An email request is simple, because customers typically only have to click a button, type their review, and post it.  

Use simple review tools to make it easy

Look into what digital tools can be of assistance in boosting your review collection online.  Tools like ReviewBiz are a great place to begin your research.