How to Find an Off Market Property

You might know the benefits of off-market buying, privacy, less hassle and no rush, but how do you find and buy off-market? There are many resources out there that can aid you in your search. 

Just Ask

If you want to buy off market property sometimes you just need to ask. A lot of homeowners think they can’t sell or don’t realize how much they could get for their property. If you send the homeowner a letter saying you are interested in buying their home and make an offer, that is the first step to finding people willing to sell who didn’t even know it. 

Network with an Agent

Letting an agent know that you are interested in buying off-market is so important because he or she knows a lot about the real estate in your area and will hear what houses will be going on the market. The agent can keep an eye out for what you are looking for and let you know what they are seeing. This benefits you and the agent because the sale will be less chaotic with fewer offers and pretty simple and straight forward. 

Check Online

There are some websites that specialize in off-market properties. These properties will never be listed on the MLS where all other real estate is advertised. Off-market properties can also be found on second-hand websites like Craigslist. You also can watch real estate websites to see if a home appears there before it goes on the MLS, that may be a way to find a home before other buyers know it’s available. 

Finding an off-market property can be difficult because it’s just that, not marketed. With the right networking skills with real estate agents, diligently looking online and just asking if someone is willing to sell, you can take advantage of the many benefits of off-market real estate.