Why Speed Is Key for Business Broadband in Portstewart

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The internet has become our most loyal and trusted friend. We can transfer digital files, communicate with clients, attend conferences, and hold meetings all over the screen. If you’ve been using the internet diligently, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be when the connection is poor. Large files can take hours to download and calls are constantly broken up when you don’t have a fast working internet line. 

It’s for this reason that residents consider fast speed broadband in Portstewart to ensure the efficiency of their business operations. Especially if you have employees who need to work on the Wi-Fi on a constant basis, then you should invest in a faster bandwidth. This will improve your business’ productivity and functionality. 

Here is a list of benefits that companies with fast Wi-Fi experience: 


Imagine an employee wanting to log in to a software program, every time they log in there’s a loading delay of up to 5 minutes. While using the program they experience more delays with pages having to load or internet constantly dropping, costing them another delay of approximately 10 minutes. When you add up all the time that an employee has to wait for a system to load, it will add up to a lot of wasted time. 

Downloading files, documents, doing online research, and even communicating through online chat rooms can steal a lot of time when it doesn’t have a fast connection. Increased Wi-Fi speed has a direct influence on your business’s efficiency and productivity. 

Strong Signal Reliability

It can become quite frustrating for employees who are in the middle of an important training session or online meeting only to be cut off or to experience delays. Internet service providers are in charge of making sure all towers in the area can provide a strong signal. Learn more about what Internet Service Providers (ISPs) actually do in this article. 

ISPs will most probably recommend Fiber-optic internet instead of DSL or copper. The further a computer is away from the source (i.e. the modem or Wi-Fi box), the weaker the signal might be when using DSL or copper. Fiber is much faster and provides the reliability that any functioning business needs. 

A qualified and experienced broadband service provider will be able to set up the internet in such a way that there’s a strong and reliable connection throughout the office space. 

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Multiple Devices

A fast speed will support multiple devices and users all working at the same time. Lower bandwidth speeds with multiple users will have a slower working efficiency, resulting in frustration. Especially if you have many employees, it’s important to invest in a higher speed to ensure multiple users and all their different devices are supported throughout the day.

Better Online Security

Chances are there are a lot of sensitive information going through work emails and confidential documents saved on your employee’s clouds.  Business owners should never underestimate the importance of proper online security and protection. 

High fiber-optic internet hosts many security advantages. The only way cyber criminals can get into your system is when they cut the fibers themselves. Making it much more secure and safe than copper or DSL. Learn more about internet security by watching this:

Better Working Environment

Nothing is more frustrating to a hardworking employee than slow internet. Not having fast Wi-Fi can cause demotivation and annoyance. Especially if employees have strict deadlines, they can experience high pressure and stress when the internet is slow. 

This also allows employees to use alternative online services like conference calls, chat rooms, and online schedules. When all have access to the same programs at the speed of lightning, it can create a relaxed working environment without any stress and frustration. 

Sure, a faster speed means that you’ll probably have to spend a few extra dollars per month. But it’s definitely worth the expense. Not having frustrated employees and knowing that your internet and software are always reliable will benefit you greatly. 

Considering a local broadband service provider will not only give you a faster Wi-Fi connection, cloud access, and phone connections, but they are also reliable and trusted. While giving you the best customer service to ensure a faster working internet connection.