Make Flying Fun! Here’s What to Pack In A Carry On So Your Flights Aren’t Awful

Flying isn’t always the most relaxing experience. There are some flights when you might enjoy a nice and relaxing environment, but other flights offer much more stress and irritation. The problem is that you never know what you’re going to get when boarding your flight. 

The best way to ensure that you always have a good experience is to always plan for a bad one. Staying overprepared is going to keep you comfortable and relaxed in any situation. Don’t let the thought of flying stress you out.

Knowing what to pack in a carry on can make your flight fun and enjoyable. Here’s what you need to bring with you!

1. Solid Foods

If you don’t fly often, then you might be wondering about bringing food items on the plane with you. Food items are allowed and shouldn’t cause you much trouble if all food items are solid. The most trouble you’ll come across is having your bag of Cheetos swabbed and then being sent on your way. 

Liquids is where you’ll run into the most trouble. Any liquids that you bring in your carry on whether it’s food or drinks must be 3.4 ounces or less. Food items like peanut butter are considered liquid. 

All solid food items are allowed and we suggest you bring as many solid snacks as you’d like!

2. Slippers or Socks

Some flights are hot and others are cold. You can always adjust your fan above your seat to make you more comfortable, but sometimes this just isn’t enough. To be on the safe side, pack yourself a pair of slippers or a pair of warm and cozy socks. 

This will keep your feet and your overall body temperature warm during those uncomfortably cold flights. And for when a flight is delayed or canceled, you’ll want to have something to keep you cozy in the airport. You should also check out this service when the unexpected happens. 

3. Earplugs and Sleeping Mask

You can’t pick and choose who you’re on a flight with. For times when you’re stuck with noisy babies, children, or even adults, you’ll appreciate having earplugs and a sleeping mask on you. When you’re ready to relax and forget about the flight in general, put your earplugs in and mask yourself from everyone. 

When you wake up, you’ll hopefully be at your destination. Even if you don’t believe you want to sleep while on the flight, bring these items with you just in case.

4. Electronic Devices and USB Cords

The last thing that we suggest you bring on your flight with you is any electronic devices that you may have for entertainment purposes and a USB charging cord for them. You won’t be able to gain internet access unless you pay for Wifi services on the plane, but you can still use your devices.

Portable DVD players and iPads with music or movies downloaded on them are two great examples of electronic devices to bring with you. Neither of these devices requires the internet for you to watch movies on them or listen to music. Just be sure to bring a set of headphones with you as well.  

Learn What to Pack in a Carry On Before Your Flight!

Before taking off on your next flight, be sure to know what to pack in a carry on first. Keep these items in mind when packing your bags, and you’re sure to have an enjoyable flight!

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