What type of rave lights are there?

If you have ever been to a rave, then you most definitely have seen all of the lights that are in the rave. I’m sure you have seen these lights at parties as well. But did you know that there are many types of rave lights? Even the ones that you don’t see on the ceiling. Yes, you can have your own personal rave lights. And we are also going to talk about how you can make your room it’s own little mini rave vibe.  But first, let’s get into the history of raves and what you can possibly expect at your next rave. We are going to give you some tips if this is your first rave that you are going to.

What are raves?

Raves can be such an exciting time as well as a place to bond with your best friends or “rave, family,” as that is the nickname that it is called. Raves are fun because it is nothing but good vibes, and everyone there is just there for the same reason, to have a good time. For us ravers, a rave is a place where you can let go of all your worries and troubles and just have a good time and vibe out to the music and the atmosphere. Raves are supposed to be pure fun. It’s like the build-up to them is so exciting too. You are counting down the days until you are under the rave lights with your friends to hear your favorite DJ perform. In the rave community, we believe in “P.L.U.R,” which stands for Peace Love Unity Respect. It’s just saying, let’s all love and respect one another and let us all unite and live in peace. We genuinely believe that if the world practiced this more, then the world would be a much better place. Raves came from 80’s dance parties, and when Techno emerged from Europe and House music emerged from America, you put the two together, and you have yourself a pretty fun party that you most likely are going to want to dance all night long. In the late 1980s, raves started to emerge in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Today, there are raves all over the world, with a majority being in the United States.


What kind of rave lights are there?

There are many different types of rave lights that you can choose from. Obviously the rave lights that you see at a rave are going to be probably a little bit too big to fit in your bedroom, but you can find smaller versions and put them in your room. You can even find rave lights that sync to your Bluetooth and flash with the beat of the music. Get creative, make your room into a little rave, and invite your friends over to have a perfect time.


What should you expect from a rave?

Honestly, it’s all about how you make the experience. You are going to want to make sure that you are going with the right people. As long as your friends are just trying to have a good time, then it’s probably a safe bet that they are the ones you want to go with. Also, make sure that everyone who is going actually likes EDM music because if you don’t, your wasting money by possibly not liking the experience.

When going to a rave, you want to make sure that you stay hydrated, Taking a hydro pack will save you from having to buy a lot of water bottles always. Trust us. You will get thirsty very quickly.


What should I wear 

When it comes to raves, what you wear is entirely up to you. Remember you are going to be the one who is wearing it. Make sure that you feel comfortable. There are some cool rave outfits that you can choose from, or you can even create your rave outfit. We suggest getting creative with your outfits. When creating your gear, you should know what the temperature is going to be that night. You do not want to be too cold or too hot. Otherwise, you’ll be super uncomfortable. When it comes to colors, just go with what you like. Remember, it’s your outfit as long as you want it; that is all that matters. You should consider wearing comfortable shoes; otherwise, your feet are going to be in a lot of pain by the end of the night. Patterns are always a popular item when choosing a rave outfit. You can even match with your friends. It will help find one another should you get lost. 


Accessories- Accessories at a rave are essential. You want to make sure that your outfit pops and accessories will help with that. Also, KANDI, as they call it, is custom jewelry, usually bracelets and necklaces that you can trade with other ravers. Some other accessories that are generally essential at a rave are kaleidoscope glasses, a Pashmina (which can keep you from feeling the heat and can warm you up at night), a waterpack- Remember that you do not want to get dehydrated.