3 Things to Do for a Memorable Wedding

3 Things to Do for a Memorable Wedding

If you’re recently engaged, congratulations! This is such a special time in your life and planning a wedding is a very exciting task. There are so many things to consider as you embark on your wedding planning process, from delegating a budget, to navigating the difficult task of creating a guest list. If you want your wedding to stand out as memorable, there are a few things you can do to create an event people will talk about for months and years to come. Here are my top 3 things to do for a memorable wedding.

1. Get Personal
The whole point of a wedding is to see two people, and two families, become one. Your love story is as unique as you and your fiance, and it is something that you should try to share with your guests before the wedding has even begun. For that reason I love investing in personalized save the date invitations, ideally with a lovely photo of you and your fiance on the front. It allows your guests to get excited about the event and gives them something tangible they can have in their home to remind them of it. A budget friendly work around for this is to use save the date postcards because you won’t have to buy envelopes and when you’re sending out hundreds of invites, this can make a considerable difference to your overall budget!

2. Consider the Music
Music is a very powerful tool – I’m sure there are some songs you can think back to hearing at special times of your life. Whether it was the song your best friend walked down the aisle to, or the song that was playing the first time you kissed your partner. Music helps create moments, and you can use this to your advantage when planning your wedding. Making a special playlist that reflects both your and your fiance’s personality and love story will help ensure that your wedding is special. But you should also consider pauses in your wedding that could benefit from a song or some background music, such as the interval between the ceremony and the reception.

3. An Element of Surprise
I love weddings that have an unexpected surprise in them. Perhaps it’s a complete outfit change by both the bride and groom. Maybe it’s a lot of fireworks as the bride and groom leave the venue. Maybe it’s some surprise performers that help everyone get into the mood on the dance floor. Think back to the best weddings you’ve attended, what made them that way? Try to implement that element of surprise and excitement into your own wedding and you’ll quickly see that this will ensure it’s a memorable event for your guests.

While wedding planning can at times feel extremely overwhelming, I’m hoping these tips help you plan a memorable wedding without getting too stressed. Let me know in the comments below how you’re planning to create a memorable wedding.