Top Wireless Headphones for Your Remote Team

The wireless headphone game has really evolved over the past few years. These days look around and try to find headphones that are connected with wires. They are very few and far now. Whether you are in an office with a team of programmers or at a gym with lines of members doing cardio to lose weight as they listen to music, the wires are gone.

Are you in the market for new wireless headphones for your team? Maybe it’s time to reward them for a job well done or maybe your office is growing so fast that you need to get everyone noise cancelling headphones so they can get more work done. Either way, here are the top makers to select from.


The Beats by Dre brand was acquired by Apple and it’s probably the most recognizable headphone brand out there. Their wireless line has a few models to pick from.

“The ‘Beats’ brand is a great example of what great marketing can do for a brand,” says April Gillmore of ClickFirst Marketing. “They put those headphones on all of the athletes and celebrities they could, and it turned into a multi-billion dollar company.”

They are a decent pair of headphones, but not the top performance model. They are not cheap by any means, but you have to assume a lot of that cost is to cover the marketing and branding efforts.


Monster is a huge player in this space and they have a wide range of affordable options for those looking to cut the cord and go fully wireless.

“The Monster line up of wireless headphones is pretty extensive,” says Oliver James of the Perth Web Design company. “Most stores will only have a few models to look at, so it’s a good idea to visit their website first and decide what model best fits your need so you know ahead of time what you are looking for.”

The quality of the Monster wireless headphones is top notch for the price point. They are not the most expensive option out there, but they look great and they offer great sound clarity, for both work as well as recreational use.


This is the Cadillac of headphones, as their internals are always top of the line and that is reflected in the sound quality. They are the leaders when it comes to home and car speakers, so it’s no wonder their headphones are also great.

“Bose is the elite name in audio,” says Pat Skinner of AnswerFirst Communications. When you see a Bose tag on a speaker in a car or in a home speakers system you know the quality will be top notch. The same applies to headphones, as especially their noise-cancelling models.”

You are going to pay a little more than some of the popular brands, but the sound quality is superior and they product is well constructed. If you want to get long-term use out of a quality pair of wireless headphones Bose is the way to go.

Voyager (Plantronics)

Plantronics is making a huge push in the headphone space, and they have several models out there to compete with all the big players. One of their more popular models is the Voyager.

“The Voyager is a really nice pair,” says Irene McConnell of Arielle Executive. “This is a paid of wireless headphones that you can use at the office but also take to the gym with you. They don’t have that ‘bulky’ call-center style and look that some have.”

It’s worth taking a look at all the Plantronics offerings, as there might be a style (or feature) that fits exactly what you need. Their models are very affordable and their quality is top of the line. Look for them to gain even more popularity as more people discover them.

Master & Dynamic

If you are looking for a very comfortable over the ear option, then this is one to seriously consider. It’s fit and comfort is what most people comment on first.

While many headphones just sit on the ear, this one really covers your ears and cancels out all noise,” says Karen Anderson of The Probate Law House, a firm that files in the Supreme Court. It’s easy to get focused and wrapped up in your work with these on, as it blocks out all the sound and distractions around you.


This is a good option if you have a lot of pairs to buy, as they are the most affordable option and the name is top, meaning you are going to receive a good value.

If you are tough on your equipment, then these are a good option,” says Pedro Del Nero of Vaporizer Vendor. “There is no sense spending $500 on a pair of wireless headphones that you are going to just toss around and possibly break.”

The Panasonic’s are durable, built with quality components and they will handle rough office use, from being tossed on the desk to being dropped on the floor. Let’s be honest — if you are buying for your employees they are not going to treat them as delicately as they would if they paid for them.