2 Online Tools Designed to Make Your Life Easier that You Didn’t Know About

Technology evolves at giant leaps’ pace, and more and more tools are provided everyday to help us succeed in different tasks. These two will help you to preserve your social media content and design posters for your work or college presentations.


Tumblr is a very popular microblogging social network, one of the few that allows you to insert seven types of content such as photographs, texts, quotes, links, conversations, audio and video. Headquartered in New York, Tumblr was founded by David Karp in 2007 and today there are more than 77 million blogs created on this platform. The success is partly due to the fact that the platform can be integrated with other social networks and applications, but the popularity started to decrease a little when Tumblr decided to remove adult content from the platform. 

Tumblr detailed what kind of content wouldn’t appear on the social network anymore –those showing explicit sex scenes or genitals, and also remarked that the content wouldn’t not be filtered.  For this reason, Tumblr provided Android with a button to complain to the platform if they are not satisfied with the removal of a post for sexual reasons, but in any case, many members of Tumblr do not want to risk losing some of their publications and prefer to secure these contents on their hard drives. 

So, ever since Tumblr decided to remove adult content from its platform, many users were interested in figuring out how to download content from Tumblr, because they didn’t know whether some of their own published or reblogged content would be hidden forever. And, if you are one of these users, you’ll want to know about Tumbltree, an easy-to-use application with plenty of customization options, as highlighted in GetMeApp: How to use Tumblthree? 

TumblThree is an open source application for Windows systems designed for backing up the contents of blogs belonging to the blog platform Tumblr. The idea is that users can download specific content, whether text, photos, videos, among others, to download entire blogs. It also allows the download of meta information from publications of photos, videos and audio, among many other features.

Users are able to create their download list, indicating for each site to download the rules about what they want to obtain in this respect. To use the application, all you have to do is go to your project page in the GitHub platform and download the .zip file to your own Windows system. Once downloaded, extract the content of the .zip file and double click on TumblThree.exe. From then on, the application will start working without any installation. Users are also able to add the URLs of the sites they wish to download, establishing rules for each of them, as we pointed out before.


Whether you’re a medical -or any other science- student or a consummate health professional, you may have had to face the daunting challenge of how to make an e-poster. The tool provided by Get Me Apps PosterSessionOnline: Poster Session Online is all you need when you are wondering how to make a virtual poster. The platforms allows you to design, create and upload your e-poster to the event that you have to attend to.

In medical and technical congresses and seminars or in scientific fairs there are two main ways through which participants can collaborate in the creation of scientific knowledge and disseminate it among the participants of the event. The first way are oral presentations consisting of small oral presentations of 10-20 minutes, which are usually accompanied by 5 minutes for questions from the public. The second way are posters, which consist of the presentation of a research paper, experience, or ideas presented visually. Posters favors the exchange of information between attendees to a conference, being able to interact directly with the authors of it and observing at a glance all the information relating to the research.

Lately, traditional papel posters have been replaced by e-posters. The concept is still the same -a poster where the research results are shown to the public, but now they are designed online and displayed at the congress venue in interactive LED monitors -which allows the possibility to add hyperlinks, audio and video content. Virtual posters are designed for speakers who cannot be in person at the congress. Travel, funding and scheduling can sometimes make it difficult for participants to attend the conference in person. In order to facilitate more inclusive participation, the e-poster allows participants to present their work to a peer group and interact with colleagues from around the world, bringing global ideas to local spaces. And tools such as PosterSessionOnline help you create your e-poster from scratch, providing themes and frames with different colours -which makes design very easy.