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Best Tools to Automate Your Marketing Strategy

A little over 50% of all marketers have invested in marketing automation software, in one form or another. Being a rising field and huge source of debate, I’d argue that marketing automation gives tons of value to the industry and that investing in automated tools should not be ignored.

In the realm of SEO and digital marketing, a lot of manual tasks can augmented with automated marketing tools to make agencies leaner and more responsive. Whether it’s a local citation tool to automate your listings on an online business directory or automated bidding tools for advertising, technology is opening up opportunities for marketers, not stealing their jobs.


This Salesforce product offers a plethora of marketing automation features to augment your existing workflow. With everything from branded email marketing templates to ROI reporting software, Pardot offers everything you need to focus exclusively on the creative of your campaign. Easy-to-use and fully branded, Pardot offers three stages of subscription, with the ultimate edition featuring advanced API access.


Chances are if you’ve invested in a digital marketing company in the past, then they’ve probably used Buffer. Being the ultimate social media and content marketing scheduling tool, all you need to do is select a bulk of content and then use the automated sharing tool to always have content on your social media. Beyond this though, it’s analytics tool provides incredible insights into consumer behaviour and tips you can use to maximize the value and engagement of your content.


Marketo is probably the most well-known marketing automation tool on the market. With features for lead generation, landing page creation, SEO analysis, and email marketing templates, Marketo is the ultimate all-in-one marketing tool. While the price is pretty steep, the basic Spark package allows you to fully automate 30 campaigns for 1 domain for $999 a month.


Finally, one of the worst aspects of marketing is cold call reach out. GrowBots makes this process a little easier by segmenting prospects and providing lead scoring analyses to cut out the duds. Let’s be honest, between managing your CRM and talking to solicitors all day, you won’t be reluctant to at least automate this task.