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The growing importance of cybersecurity degree in a data-driven world

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In recent years we have become more technologically advanced than ever before. As a result, industries and companies have been keen to incorporate technology into their systems to achieve tremendous success. Technologies like the internet offer great potential and allow them to connect to the whole world in a few taps. Hence, to make data more transmittable and accessible, it’s also stored online using various technologies. While there’s no doubt about the benefits gained through technology, it’s also true that everything has its drawbacks. In this data-driven world, cybercrime is also on the rise as there are many opportunities to steal data. Fortunately, there are degrees available that can create specialized professionals in the field of cybersecurity to protect your data from malware or attackers. If this is not enough to explain to you the importance of cybersecurity degrees in this modern world, here are a few more important reasons. 

Let us explore the reasons in detail. Shall we?

Attackers are getting smarter

Many hackers are ahead of our security strategies and are progressing faster. In such a situation, we cannot compromise our security by sticking to anti-virus software; there’s a need for cybersecurity professionals. Many businesses in Gainesville even partner with IT support to have this technology department of their business taken care of. Such professionals are the result of quality education in cybersecurity.  So, an online cybersecurity degree can help you become a professional. There is no denying the fact that professionals always stay in demand. People getting specialized degrees in popular fields will still keep their pockets warm and remain in the market.

Essential to counter the growing number of cyberattacks

Alongside being smarter in their techniques, cyberattacks have also grown in recent years. They will continue to grow as we store more data through technology. Only in the first nine months of 2019, 5,183 security breaches had exposed 7.9 billion records. Furthermore, billions of vulnerable devices are now connected to the internet, exposed to attackers. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have further increased attackers’ capabilities; they can now automate hundreds of attacks. Even a single cyberattack or malware attack can be severely damaging for a company, as it can reduce productivity or destroy valuable data. With such a vast number of cyberattacks happening every day, it can be devastating for any company. It’s not surprising that cyberattacks are one of the top five global threats. Hence, more individuals should opt for a cybersecurity degree to minimize the growing number of cyberattacks. 

Builds trust in businesses

Companies and industries are holding their data and the valuable and personal data of their customers. For example, many cloud storage facilities store the personal data of people. Without proper security implementations, companies will be compromising the security of people’s data, and most of it will be lost to the hands of hackers and malware. As a result, people will never again trust such companies, and these companies may also face legal issues. Alongside a significant drop in customer loyalty and trust, there will also be a drop in its reputation. All these issues will combine to lead an unprotected business to its downfall. However, by hiring individuals who have a degree in cybersecurity, you can implement adequate security measures to protect your customers’ data and develop trust amongst them. 

Helps companies keep up with the competition

More businesses are emerging rapidly, and the competition is rising daily. However, cyberattacks are an obstacle in a company’s progression, hence stopping it from keeping up with the fierce competition. As mentioned earlier, even a single cyberattack can severely damage a business, making it fall behind other companies. For example, ransomware can lead to a tremendous economic loss, while other malware can shut down websites halting all tasks. However, you can stay ahead of the competition by introducing cybersecurity professionals with a quality degree in their profession. Such individuals help companies to keep continuing in their successful paths without any obstacles, such as cyberattacks. As a result, companies gain a competitive advantage over others that are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. 


Our dependency on technology is growing rapidly, hence the importance of a cybersecurity degree is bound to grow. From the continuity of industry to protecting the public’s valuable data, everything is dependent on cybersecurity professionals. Hence, companies should understand cybersecurity experts’ importance if they want to secure their futures. However, if you seek to join the workforce of cybersecurity professionals, it’s the perfect time to do so.