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Top 7 Telematics Developments of 2018

Telematics is a broad sector since it covers communication in vehicles, the technology they use to achieve this and strategies set out for telematics. Long-distance communication in vehicles like delivery trucks, vans and coaches has seen a great revolution in recent years. According to reports, fleet management and monitoring have become easier, efficient and enjoyable.

When we talk about telematics developments in 2018, there is a lot we can look at. It is a year that has seen this sector do its best from enhancing the existing technology to developing new ones. Here, we will tackle some of the major developments that the sector has had this year.

Communication Through Nano Satellites

Initially, we have seen these devices used by the military and geographical analysts. However, more fleet management companies are sending their nano satellites into low-earth orbit to aid in communication between fleet equipment. The good thing is that a nano satellite will ensure instant communication anywhere on the earth’s surface as long as the equipment is configured well.

Use of Smart Cameras

These devices are a game changer in the fleet industry. Apart from monitoring various occurrences on the road for safety reasons, they also enhance accountability. They can count the people boarding or alighting a bus or a train. They are also used in the cab industry for the same reasons. What’s more is that they can be accessed remotely by the fleet managers when the managers need to give guidance.

More Accurate GPS Capability

The GPS usage in fleet companies has been around for a while now. But, none can beat what we have seen this year in accuracy and reliability. Fleet managers and owners now can monitor the movement of vehicles in real time from the convenience of their handheld devices. When an expert fleet management solutions provider has configured it well, then the work becomes easier.

Internet Access in Vehicles

Both the drivers and the passengers can now enjoy the new technology of getting connected on the go. Unlike a few years ago when this was a bit of a complicated process, now people have numerous options to enjoy Wi-Fi onboard vehicles. It is the same internet drivers use to submit reports, and the fleet management can access cameras and other devices remotely.

More Driver and Manager Interaction

Today, drivers and fleet managers or owners can interact more during an assignment. The drivers are equipped with devices that send reports in real time especially when there is an emergency. The managers can also monitor the driver’s behavior remotely and issue instructions in real time. In fact, innovators predict that more developments on how these two interact are coming soon.

Increased Efficiency

Telematics technology is always aiming to enhance the efficiency of how the fleet sector delivers services to their clients. All the advancements in 2018 are better than what we have had in the previous years. We can list better GPS trackers, smart cameras, passenger counter solutions and real-time reporting among many other advancements. Today, most fleet companies are busy upgrading their telematics solutions to stay in the game. The new entrants in the fleet business can now enjoy the best technology, which puts them at an advantage over those who use old technology.