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The Best Survival Axe Hatchet Buying Guide

Axes as well as hatchets are different tools but they look almost the same and are used for similar tasks. That is why they are often considered the same thing. Hatchets are smaller and more compact and they can be used with a single hand whereas axes are longer and mostly require the use of both hands.

However, there is another type of axe (smaller than regular axes) which is referred to as the hand axe which can also be used with a single hand. This type of axe has similar features and functions as hatchets; they are called survival axe hatchets.

In any case, what these tools do for you is that they are used for chopping wood, splitting pieces of firewood, or chopping down small tree branches. 

A survival axe hatchet is a tool that typically consists of a steelhead that is attached to a wooden or composite handle but some can be made from a single piece of steel. They all have a bit which is the sharp edge used for cutting. Most modern ones have a hammerhead for striking on the opposite side of the bit. They are also diminutive and this makes them useful for squeezing into tight spaces and requiring less backswing.

They are multifunctional and good for surviving in the woods and can come with useful utilities such as kits for starting a fire; this makes them quite versatile. You can learn further about them here.

What are the Best Survival Axe Hatchets?

If you are looking to buy a survival hatchet, you need a dependable one that retains its edge for a long time and that is the right weight. Here are some of the best that are available to buy:

Estwing E24A Sportsman’s Hatchet

The Estwing is an axe that has an extended steel handle made of 1055 carbon steel. It comes with a leather grip, and weighs about 2 pounds and 14 inches long. With the head flared out, its mirror finish helps it look nice and to resist corrosion as well as friction.

The Estwing’s leather grip helps to make it comfortable and minimize shock. It is lacquered and this makes it sleek and shiny. You have to be careful to avoid water getting underneath the leather so that it does not rot. For this reason, it is recommended to use sandpaper to remove the lacquer then apply a leather protectant.

All in all, the Estwing is durable and good for chopping but may not be suitable for splitting.

Fiskars X7

This is an axe made with high-carbon steel. It weighs around 1.38 pounds and its handle which is made with FiberComp is 14 inches in length. This FiberComp lightweight handle helps to provide overstrike protection and a comfortable grip.

The Fiskars X7’s head has a low friction coating with the blade flaring out from the edge making it effective for splitting as well as chopping and it can as well be used as a hammer. The non-stick coating on the edges will likely chip as some users have noticed but then you can sharpen the steel that is underneath the coating.

The Fiskars X7 is durable, inexpensive and very effective. 

Schrade SCAXE9CP

The Schrade comes with a titanium coated stainless steel head which is resistant to corrosion. It weighs 2.2 pounds and its handle which is made with glass-filled polymer is 18 inches long. This hatchet is a combination of an axe and a saw which help to kind of save space as well as weight and is useful for survival in a case of emergency.

It is rare to find a good combo hatchet multi tool but the Schrade is one tool that overcomes this hurdle. Its materials are lightweight. The saw comes with aggressive teeth which can be effective in cutting tree branches. It has a locking mechanism that ensures that the saw stays in place when not in use.

When the saw is unfolded, there are two lock positions; one is meant for higher use while the other is meant for lower use. The only downside to this axe is that it does not hold a good edge as a high-carbon steel axe.

Gerber Bear Grylls Axe Hatchet

This is a compact and portable yet strong axe. It comes with a 3.5 inches blade that enables quick, detailed and precise swings. The handle is made of an impact-absorbing textured rubber that gives it a great grip no matter the situation or circumstance.

It has a full tang design which means it cannot be broken apart and it weighs a little over 1 pound. Its portable nature makes it easy to maneuver around and use even in tight spaces.

Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet

The Gransfors is one of the best overall axe. It comes with proprietary steel and a head weighing 1 pound. Its overall weight is 1.3 pounds and it has a 13.5 inches handle made with hickory which all makes it lightweight, easy to carry and comfortable to use.

It is versatile and can be used for splitting, carving, chopping and limbing. The hickory of the handle is made from responsibly-managed forests. The steel is also made from recycled metal making it environmentally friendly. Talking about accessories, the Gransfors comes with a leather sheath and an axe book.

The downside to this hatchet though is that it has been reported to come off center but this does not affect its use a lot of the time. It is also expensive. 

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Axe hatchets are necessary tools to have if you spend a lot of time in the woods or the wild. There are also several options you can choose from and this can be overwhelming. The best ones are strong, durable, and multi-functional and we hope this article has given you a head start in selecting one.