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The 3 Essential Pieces Of Safety Technology That Every Roofer Should Have

It is all about health and safety in the workplace nowadays, and while we can use common sense to try to keep ourselves safe, the vast majority of the time, some particular jobs can put us in a dangerous situation on a daily basis, and for those jobs we need additional safety equipment. Technology is at the forefront of any business venture nowadays, and people are using modern, technological, safety devices to protect them, whilst doing their jobs. Without these essential pieces of safely equipment, many people would end up getting badly injured, or even worse, they might even end up dead.

It’s all about safety awareness.

One particular job that requires a great deal of safety awareness is roofing, and companies like the popular Southern Cross roofing in Sydney take their health and safety very seriously indeed. They use a number of essential pieces of safety equipment every single day, and we will explore some of this roofing technology here today.

  • Roofing anchors – These are devices that can be used to keep the roofer firmly rooted to the surface of the roof. It is important to remember that roof tiles and slates have an accumulation of moss and algae, and this will make the surface of the roof very slippery indeed. Roofers work at great heights and so no one wants to have to fall such a significant distance from the ground. These pieces of roofing technology keep the roofer safe on the roof, where he or she should be.


  • Rope grab system – As a roofer is checking your roof for cracks and holes, they have to be able to move safely across the whole surface of the roof, front and back. Trying to do this by freely walking across the roof could be very dangerous, and so using a rope grab system is the safest way to get the job done. The grab system allows the roofer to have something to hold onto as they move back and forth over the surface of the roof.


  • Full fall protection kit – For the ultimate in safety, the roofer can use this excellent piece of technology to keep themselves safe at all times. This includes using the full body harness and pulley system to allow them to do their jobs with the peace of mind that should they slip, they will be fully protected, because there is no way for them to fall from the roof.


It is important to be very safety conscious when working at great heights on commercial premises and private properties. Having the right insurance policy in place is great, but it will be absolutely no help you with at all, if you should fall off the building and lose your life. The technology is there for all roofers to use, and they would be very foolish not to have it in place. The above are just three of the numerous options for safety technology in the modern roofing business.