How Technology Is Affecting Teens

Technology is advancing at a fast pace and there is no way we can stop it. From things such as Artificial Intelligence to Robotics and Virtual Reality, these new advancements will be shaping our lives and some are wondering how it will affect teenagers.

For several years, we have seen that technology has evolved a lot and quickly, especially in the lives of adolescents. Several new technologies are attracting young people, including smartphones, headphones, touch pads, computers, etc.

It is well known that evolving technology is very beneficial to teens and new parents, for several reasons. First of all, because improvement allows not only young people, but people of all ages, to take advantage of an opportunity that provides easier access to information and tools.

If we examine the medical field, we also realize that technology makes it possible to treat several diseases and then to preserve the life of several humans by eradicating viruses and very harmful bacteria.

This of course is very beneficial for teens and young adults as it gives them a better quality of life. But, we also see that some technology is causing great harm. Take for example video games. Many teenagers are struggling with some form of addiction that is causing irreversible harm to these kids. 

So while some argue that there are many positive developments, others argue that there is a great deal of harm. Here are four things to consider when examining this topic:

  1. A risk of attachment

Devices created using technology can be addictive. Indeed, if before, young people went outside to play with their friends or just to enjoy the good weather, this is not at all the case today. “They prefer to stay on their beds to chat with their friends using internet tools and instant messaging systems such as chat and social networks” suggests teen life coach Sam Miller from the Parenting Teenagers Academy. “Many teens are so addicted to their device that they can’t live without it which is causing some psychological and developmental issues.”

  1. Detachment from real life

Because of the text messages, no one takes the trouble to talk to each other anymore. Indeed, while mom is cooking, the child just sends a text message to say: what do we eat for dinner? Consequently, human contact is no longer made. This is causing a great divide and disconnection amongst families which is only being fully seen when the child is older and it’s too late.

  1. The different social networks

These social networks can also create a certain dependence, because once a person subscribes to it he must absolutely post photos or go see the profiles of other members and their publications. This in turn makes it so that rather than spending time in real life with friends, they spend more time living on social networks like Instagram.

  1. Some positive points

Despite the negative points that technology can bring to young people, there are still positive points.

Take the smartphone as an example: someone who uses it can easily solve another person’s problem. It would also be useful for communicating or taking news of your friends or relatives. It is also a very practical way of communicating. 

One of the benefits of technology is also at the corporate level. Indeed, progress can provide professionals with a very considerable gain of money thanks to the internet. They will be able to exchange more quickly. Technology has made selling and buying possible and easy worldwide. This gives companies the opportunity to buy raw materials at reduced prices.

But that’s not all, technology has also affected the tourism sector. Indeed, even this area has been developed. Thanks to technology, industries experience unparalleled productivity.