Parenting and Technology – Smart Tips for Soon to be Moms

Soon you will be a mom and it’s most likely that you’re already taking your prenatal vitamins, seeing your doctor and getting the nursery ready. While what you’re doing is in order, it is important to remember that having a baby is a monumental event that not only changes your life but also the lives of those around you as well.

It’s quite alright to feel overwhelmed about the arrival of the new baby – which is why you should put your life in order before giving birth.

Get Your Budget in Order

The arrival of the new baby means that you will have to spend a little more, so it is imperative to put your finances in order. Make a budget and decide how much you’re likely to spend in a month and set aside the money. On top of that, get yourself a hospital bag that’s large enough to carry everything you may need in the labor ward.

 Acquaint Yourself with Baby Care

If you’re a first-time mom, you will need to get familiar with the basics of baby care and parenting. You have to know how to tender for the baby once he or she arrives. While is a whole load of baby care information out there, be sure to get the information from reliable sources only. 

Attend Prenatal Classes

In line with getting information about baby care and parenting, attend prenatal together with your spouse. Get as much information about coping with labor and delivery. You may look for online classes on early newborn care, CPR, breastfeeding and home safety during infancy as well as anything on parenting for the first 12 months.

Get a Baby Monitor

Your little monster will wander around, and you’d better be ready for it. Still, you need to find a way to keep up with your little bundle of joy, especially when you’re attending to other household chores. So, invest in the latest technology in movement tracking to ensure that you have an eye on your infant even when you’re in separate rooms.

Commit to the New Family Life

Start spending some time at home in preparation for the new life. Clean the house and do some laundry. If you’re planning for a baby shower, make a list of the items you may need, accept vouchers and get a few friends to help with your household chores. Shop for grocery and ensure that the fridge is fully stocked as well.

 Find a Doctor for a Your Baby

Your baby’s health is important, and you should start looking for a family physician about four weeks before birth. While that may seem early, you may want to spend ample time with the doctor talking about the pregnancy. You may also want to find a doctor who is accepting new patients and accepts your insurance as well.

Be sure to talk to your health insurance provider to know if you can incorporate the new baby into your policy. Also, check which local doctors are covered and how the plan works regarding maternity care, delivery, and labor.

Talk to Your Partner

It is important that you get on the same page as your partner before birth. If his schedule allows it, discuss if he can be present during labor. Talk about the role he will play in the first months of the baby’s arrival – don’t assume that your spouse knows about all he’s expected to do after birth.

Discuss how you will share baby and households chores and educate him about this role and support in activities such as breastfeeding. Make sure that you agree on the baby name, how you’ll feed the child if you should circumcise and whether to conduct religious ceremonies such as baptism.

Seek Advice from Veteran Moms

You will always have a thing or two to learn from experienced moms. Talking to other moms will help reduce the shock factor and will allow you to adjust your expectations. You will also get real-life answers about things such as complications during labor and helpful suggestions.

In conclusion, get support from nonmedical professionals trained to offer emotional and physical support and valuable information during pregnancy.