Seven of the hardest game modes in the world right now

Game enthusiasts love to play every game and be a master of it. Some games are particularly harder than others, but gamers usually get hold of the gameplay. With time especially, the game mode has become harder than the hard mode with the introduction of the new mode: veteran. However, there are some game modes that are insanely difficult, and no matter how much you play, it will be frustrating to get past the levels. These games demand extreme practice and even then it can be impossible to win. Usually, when you play hard mode, you will be having more enemies and less ammo or time. With some modes, it is not just about the number of enemies, but it is also about the design.  You do not only have to be fast, but you have to think hard and come up with strategies. Click here for some of the hardest game modes you will come across.


  • Doom 3


The Nightmare Mode in Doom 3 is literally a nightmare, no jokes. The only chance you have on finishing the game is doing it on hard mode if you are a daredevil, but when it comes to nightmare mode, say goodbye to your peace of mind and sleep. To have the upper hand, you have to know exactly where the demons will spawn so you are ready beforehand and can shoot them before they can even get a look at you. If they so much as know that you are there, you are dead. You got to be extremely fast, and your agility needs to be top notch.


  • Devil May Cry


The Dante Must Die Mode in Devil May Cry will make you end up crying. The mode speaks to us on a spiritual level because it tells the truth; you must die. Dante Must Die is the toughest mode in Devil May Cry. Every enemy of yours in the game will speak to you in a language one knows not but the meaning is clear: we are going to kill you, and you will die. So roll up your sleeves and prove these guys wrong.


  • Destiny


Level 35 in Destiny’s Prison of Elders is one of the, if not the most, hardest factor of player-vs-environment in the game. In case by some miracle you manage to beat it after several hundred tries, then you are rewarded with a golden chest filled with goodies, and you will also be getting experience points. Try to destroy all kinds of enemies while trying to keep a straight face. After you deal with several waves of minions, you will face the big boss. Think that is pretty tough? When the big boss Skolas reaches 50% health, you have to survive death. He will release an Essence that will kill you when the countdown reaches zero. The only way you can survive it is if you pass it to someone else, which resets the clock.


  • Call Of Duty: World At War


Call of Duty is pretty fun and easy if you are playing it in some mode that is easy. If you want to get a whole new taste of the game and hate it, try playing it on veteran mode. I was only ever able to play up to its hard mode. The veteran mode does not even let you blink or let you adjust to your environment, so surviving for a few minutes is a big achievement on its own. The moment you try to run or get out of hiding, you are gone. The only way you can get through the Veteran mode is probably by staying behind some cover and wondering what is happening. And even then your happiness will not be very long as you will have to run because of the ten grenades that have been thrown at you.


  • Mass Effect Series


Mass Effect 2 is one of those games that pulls you in and never lets us go. It is so much fun, addicting, and when switched to Insanity mode, challenging. Of course, just like everything, insanity mode is not impossible to defeat, but this mode will make you insane. If you want to have a better idea of what the story is and what is going on, try playing easy mode and then hard mode, so you know what you are dealing with. It will not make you skilled or prepare you, but at least you will not be going in blind, and that is pretty much the only consolation. After a thousand tries, you will only manage to play the standard battles. The boss battle, on the other hand, is not as forgiving.  The Enemies in this mode have some form of protection such as shields or barriers, or something else that is similar to these. The enemies are also much stronger than their usual selves, and the bullets just bounce off them like tiny balls. Try to have an understanding of the game’s mechanics if you want to be able to understand it. Find out what weapons work and which squadmate will be most useful in certain situations. See which upgrades and skills you should take. Errors are key factors in this mode as you will then know what to do and what not to do.


  • MGS2 Sons Of Liberty


If you get spotted in the European Extreme Mode of MGS2 Sons of Liberty, it is an instant game over. Very much like Doom, you will be tested for stealth and knowledge. If you know the position of each and every guard in the game the exact patrol route, it will effectively help you in beating some of it. It will be easier for you to sneak through undetected. However, this is all words, and in reality, it is far more challenging. You have to be quick, agile and bold.

So what do you think? Can you defeat all these hard modes? Find out by giving it a go!

About the Author:

Catalina Smith is a young digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. She has covered the gaming world online for over six years. She regularly posts at Dimble Games.