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Software that’s Changing an Industry

With an already declining economic state, it was impressive for the restaurant industry to see an increase of 3.5 percent in sales and profitability. More interestingly, according to the National Restaurant Association, most restaurant owners are planning to reinvest a significant part of their profit-share and working capital into technology. Apparently, technology has never been savvier in the hospitality sector than it continues to be every passing day. Hoteliers are attributing the increased demand for food and accommodation services to a drastically improved efficiency in service delivery. Technology is a major boost to any industry that sells convenience, and the following are some cutting-edge innovations that are making the restaurant business more profitable and less stressful.

POS Systems

POS stands for points of sales. All retailers and restaurants stand to benefit greatly from embracing this cutting-edge technology that continues to become more indispensable by the minute. Who uses cash registers anymore? POs systems provide so many benefits that restaurants without the technology literally can’t thrive over those that exploit it. The systems are great for increased efficiency in service provision. Furthermore, they help restaurants to run their internal stocking and inventory activities from a point of information as opposed to speculation. The marketing advantages that they provide are numerous and very empowering.

With POS systems, you can market in-house offers and promotions by printing out detailed receipts. Furthermore, the system provides restaurants with a credible and appealing avenue to pick and collect customer contact information for future marketing communication. The systems also make it easier for restaurants to keep track of their financial transactions thus making it harder for any shrewd staff members to steal or conduct fraudulent activities. This is especially because the technology helps with inventory management.

Touchscreen Food Vendors

These vendors are especially great for self-service. Customers who visit restaurants do not need to keep calling waiters and waitresses for beverages. They can just reach out to the nearest touchscreen vendors that can dispense over 150 different types of beverages and even more candy bars for after-meal desserts. Technological devices reduce the staffing costs of restaurants. Furthermore, self-services reduce the likelihood of restaurants falling out with customers due to delays or mix-ups.

GRC Systems

One of the biggest reasons why most restaurants fail is civil litigation. The service industry is highly susceptible to claims of negligence, racism, gender insensitivity, personal injury and sexual harassment. Civil lawsuits don’t just lead to severe fines and settlements; they also damage the reputation of restaurants. In the service industry, a damaged reputation spells out clear-cut doom and bankruptcy. That is why GRC systems are critical for restaurants. Owners benefit from the technology that helps them in reforming their in-house policies to boost out-house law compliance and reduce the risks of getting sued or fined. Furthermore, the governance component of GRC systems helps restaurants to formulate, monitor and administer performance-boosting policies to which all staff members must comply.

Automatic Bio-diesel Converters

Did you know that automobiles used to run on bio-diesel before the world conformed to the large-scale use of petroleum products to power its transport? Well, eco-friendly restaurants can still use their waste cooking oil products to power their vehicles. Restaurants use fryers all the time, and they end up producing plenty of waste oil. Technology has now allowed them to reuse that waste oil to power their diesel cars.