Pros and Cons of Buying a Small Gaming Laptop

Most gamers prefer small gaming laptop due to their portability which allows them to enjoy games anywhere. They also have additional features and inherent limitations that enhance or reduce their effectiveness in gaming. Before deciding on whether to use these laptops for your gaming experience we offer you some of their pros and cons.

Pros of a Small Gaming Laptop

Easily Portable

Small gaming laptops are thin and light making them easily portable for the user. Their small size (15-17 inches) makes it easy to carry them around. You can play games anywhere you want even when travelling.


The hard disk and RAM of most laptops can be upgraded when the need arises. A good gaming experience high speed and high storage capacity. You can therefore buy them and upgrade later on to suit your needs. You can also add Solid State Drive (SSD) storage to act as a bot drive.

They provide a good display

A good display is essential to enjoy gaming. These laptops have a higher resolution that will make you enjoy the display. Most have 1920 x 1080 resolutions. Some have an edge screen to maximize and enhance the display.

Their display is further enhanced by the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) as majority of games are GPU- bound. Some of these laptops have Nvidia GeForce GTX or RTX GPUs 1050, 1060 and 1070 models with ability to support Virtual Reality.

Higher Processing speed

High speed is essential in gaming. Some small gaming laptops have a speed of up to 144 Hz, a powerful Core i7 CPU and an 8GB RAM or 16 GB RAM which you can upgrade to enhance your gaming speed.

High Storage Capacity

Most laptops come with a hard drive of 500 GB to 1 Terabyte with the possibility of upgrading to suit your gaming needs. Others have an additional SSD of up to 128 GB that serves as a boot drive. This ensures that you have enough space and speed for gaming.

Cons of a Small Gaming Laptop

They are expensive

Gaming features such as touchpads, high resolution display screens and Graphic Processing Units that make gaming enjoyable are very expensive. These additional features make such laptops to be quite expensive.

Reduced Performance over Time

These laptops cannot handle the excessive heat generated as a result of gaming. Additionally there is less room to fit fans and other cooling features. Hence continuous overheating over time reduces speed affecting their performance and other aspects.

Shorter Lifespan

Continued overheating with time affects the operating system which begins to crash frequently and may stop working altogether.

Shorter battery Life

The battery life of gaming laptops only last for a few hours as gaming consumes a lot of power.

A good gaming experience requires portable laptops or gaming ultrabooks with high speed, a high storage capacity and RAM, high resolution, powerful CPU and longer battery life. You can purchase a variety of these gaming laptops in the market today.