10 Office 365 Add-Ins That Will Boost Your Productivity Big-Time!

Do you use Microsoft’s 365 suite of apps and services? You’re not alone! There are 60 million active Microsoft 365 commercial users.

There are over 1 billion worldwide Microsoft product and Office users. All those users know that Microsoft 365 offers something for everyone. From spreadsheets to word processing, it has what you need.

If enhanced productivity appeals to you, try these Office 365 add-ins today! 

Microsoft Office Add-Ins

Is your company doing Office 365 migrations? For increased productivity, you’ll want some of these great Microsoft office 365 add-ins. 

Most add-ins work on different versions of office but not all. Check app compatibility with your Microsoft office version before installing. 

Installation and access of add-ins vary depending on the platform, app, or version of the software you’re using.

Check out the add-ins on the Microsoft marketplace for the product description. You’ll find the compatibility information there. 

Installing Add-Ins

Do you work in Office Online? Add-in installation is easy and works the same way for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

When you’re in a document, click on “insert” and then “Office Add-Ins.” You’ll see the current add-ins. If you want a new add-in, click on the “store” link. 

Outlook works a little different. Click the “settings” icon and then “Manage Add-Ins.” Then install the add-in you want. 

After installation, the add-in is usually in the program’s ribbon menu.

Once it’s installed in Office Online, you’ll still need a separate installation for your desktop version. From inside a document or new window, click “Insert” and then “My Add-Ins.” 

Then go to the “Store” link and find the add-in you want. Click “Add.” For Outlook on the desktop, click the “Store” icon. This is in your home ribbon. Then find the add-in and add it. 


If you use Microsoft Outlook, you need Boomerang. One of the best productivity features with Boomerang is the “pause” button. 

Hit “pause” while you’re working, and you won’t see incoming emails. You focus and forget about the inbox for a while. 

Schedule emails for later sending. And also schedule follow-up reminders when sending emails. 

The calendar feature is great. Send an email with the embedded calendar for easy scheduling. Your availability is visible to the recipient.

Did your calendar get updated after you sent the email? No worries, it updates on its own. The person receiving the email simply picks the day and time that’s open and works best for them. 

Boomerang has an AI feature that scores the likelihood of a response to your email. It bases this on the email subject, text length, and how many questions you ask.

If there’s a low likelihood of response, the app offers suggestions. 

DocuSign for Word

DocuSign for Word is easy to learn and use. It’s also great if you’re concerned about the environment since it’s a paperless option. This e-signature solution is one of the most popular. 

Do you have lots of documents you fax and mail for signatures? 

Add signatures by dragging and dropping. Or add tags where you need other people to sign. 


Are you writing in Word all day? You need this great add-in. Grammarly is a proofreading tool. It works in Word and Outlook. 

It checks spelling and grammar. But it doesn’t stop there. It gives vocabulary and even writing style suggestions. Once you use Grammarly, you’ll wonder how you got along without it! 

Google Drive

Most people are familiar with Google Drive. But what about the Google Drive add-in? This handy add-in puts a Google Drive option in your “Save As” menu on all your Office apps.  

Open, save, and share documents from your Google Drive with other users.  

Abbreviation List

Referencing abbreviations in texts isn’t always easy. There are lots of rules and it’s important to get it right. 

The Abbreviation List add-in is a lifesaver, producing a table of abbreviations within the document. It points out if you’ve defined an acronym twice. 

It makes sure you do them the correct way. And it also alerts you to any undefined abbreviations. This is a great add-in for college students. 


Is PowerPoint your go-to? Then you’ll love Pickit.

Graphics are crucial in PowerPoint presentations. But the default Bing search restricts some image sizes. And copyright restrictions are sometimes unclear. 

Pickit offers a royalty-free library of stock images. There are also illustrations and icons. You never leave PowerPoint while searching the extensive library. 

No more worries about legal hassles when picking images. And resizing isn’t a problem. If you design slide shows, you’ll love this add-in. 

Sticky Text

Do you need the same block of text on a regular basis? It’s annoying writing it over and over. Sticky Text solves the problem. 

Save words, sentences, and even full paragraphs. Then when you need them, put them into the document with the click of a mouse. 

This is a great free add-in. 


FindTime is a simple add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

FindTime is a meeting organizer. It works using a voting feature. Suggest several time slots. Then your team votes on the one that works best.

MyScript Math Sample for Word

Do you struggle with Word’s built-in math tools? Creating complex math equations in Word is time-consuming and often frustrating. 

Want an add-in for easier math in Word? MyScript is the perfect answer. You write your equations using a mouse, drawing pad, or touchscreen. 

There are over 200 mathematical symbols in the app. 

After you’ve written the equation by hand, MyScript turns it into a typed equation within the Word document!

Duplicate Remover

You’re going to love this add-in if you’re an Excel user. Automate the near-impossible task of finding duplicate content among thousands of cells.

This powerful add-in finds duplicate content and then offers six ways of dealing with it.

Delete the row, copy, or move to a different sheet. You can mark the duplicates with a status column or color. Or you can clear the duplicate values. 

Enhance Productivity with Microsoft Office 365 Add-Ins

Office 365 add-ins enhance productivity and make your life easier. No more switching from app to app while working. Check your grammar, calculate sums, and add great stock photos all from inside your apps. 

There are over 2,000 office 365 add-ins! Find the add-in that increases your productivity and makes working easy. 

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