Real Review: Working With Roger Scott (WealthPress) Transformed My Finances

Real Review: Working With Roger Scott (WealthPress) Transformed My Finances

Real Review: Working With Roger Scott (WealthPress) Transformed My Finances

Roger Scott is the head trader at WealthPress, and has been featured on CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Fox Business. He’s a very successful financial advisor and educator, and has helped many people turn their finances around and start their journeys to success.

I had the chance to sit down and interview one of Scott’s former clients, and ask them about their experience working with the WealthPress professional. 

So how’d you find Roger Scott?

Well that’s actually really simple, I just did a google search. I was shopping around for financial advisors, pretty much.

Of course when I was making the search I had no idea what to even look for but I found some forum threads and I think a Reddit post and saw his name pop up so I decided to look into him. I got in contact with him and he was really personable and immediately just clicked with me. 

How is Scott as a person? Is he easy to get along with?

He’s very easy going, I enjoyed every minute of talking to him. In a situation as stressful as finances, especially for someone like me, it was so nice having Roger’s personality there to be my rock.

We’d talk about his kids and his pets a lot, he’s definitely a family man. He’d never talk down to me or patronize me, it never felt like he was putting on a front.

He’s extremely knowledgeable, and it was an amazing experience all around, I must say.

How Roger Scott From WealthPress Helped Change My Life

Why’d you seek out his help to begin with? 

Well, I could tell that I was going down the wrong path. I did have some money, I wasn’t exactly wasting it, per se but I felt that I could be doing so much more with my money than what I was doing.

With inflation, and worries about job security, I just thought there has to be some way I can secure my future better. So I was pretty much looking for someone that has helped people before, and has experience with building and maintaining wealth. 

How’d Roger Scott help you initially? 

We sat down and talked for a long time about my goals. He really helped me figure out what I actually wanted, in terms of my finances.

Once we figured out long term security was my goal, we came up with a gameplan. He helped me go over everything, we assessed my finances, figured out any debts I had, worked on a budget, talked about how to control my spending, and even about how I could invest my money and how much of it I should invest.

He really helped me figure out how much risk I should take, and where I should take the risks. It was so nice having someone with experience and expertise in these things there to mentor me.

Did Scott leave you with the tools to maintain successful finances on your own? 

He definitely did, and that’s what I’m most grateful for. I consider my time with him an investment in my own future, and that investment has already paid off.

He taught me how to actually make a plan, trade and invest in a complicated market. My goals have changed since I worked with Roger, and when they changed I was able to go through the steps again, by myself.

It was an invaluable experience, and it completely changed my financial life. I’ve never felt more secure and confident in my own future.