8 Innovative Ways to Use Technology in an Eye Office Design

8 Innovative Ways to Use Technology in an Eye Office Design

Designing a successful eye office space is a difficult task. Your patients need to feel comfortable, relaxed and cared for from the moment they walk in your door until they leave. To achieve this goal, you must utilize the latest technology within an eye clinic design.


  1. Have Televisions in the Lobby

Televisions are a great way to keep patients entertained and distracted while they’re waiting for their appointment. You can also use them as a tool to educate your patients about various eye conditions. If you have televisions in the lobby, be sure to choose appropriate programs for all ages.


  1. Use iPads in Exam Rooms

iPads can be used as a valuable tool during eye exams. They can help measure pupil size, track the progress of vision therapy and even perform eye scans.

When you’re not using them for exams, iPads can be used to provide educational information about various eye conditions or treatments. You can also use them to order prescription glasses and contacts or book appointments.


  1. Have a kiosk for Check-In

A kiosk is a great way for your patients to check-in. They can even pay for their copays using this machine, which will speed up the process of getting them in and out of your office. The kiosks that are available today can be programmed with multiple languages, so you don’t have to worry about finding someone who speaks English fluently when it’s time to check in patients.


  1. Use an Electronic Medical Record

EMRs are a great way to keep track of your patients’ medical history. This information can be accessed by you and your staff anytime, anywhere. An EMR also allows you to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy and helps to ensure that all of your patients’ information is up-to-date.


  1. Have Interactive Computers to Help with Eyeglass Selection

Computerized eyeglass selection is a great way to save time and ensure that your patients leave happy with their new glasses. They can use this virtual program to determine the best type of lenses for their needs, as well as find out which frames will fit comfortably on their face. This system also allows them to test different styles and colors to see which ones they like best.


  1. Install an Optical Scanner

Optical scanners are a great way to get a precise reading of your patients’ eyeglasses prescription. This information is then entered into the computer, which will help to ensure that they receive the correct lenses when they pick up their new glasses. Scanning technology can also be used to detect early signs of eye disease, which is great for your patients and helps to increase the trust they have in you.


  1. Visitor Management System

A visitor management system is a great way to keep track of all the people in your office at any given time. You and your staff can use this information when it’s time for appointments or exams, which helps speed up the check-in process.


  1. Security System

Although it may seem like a security system isn’t something that would be beneficial for an eye clinic design, you’d be surprised by how many people attempt to steal prescription glasses and contact lenses from various offices. Having a sophisticated security system installed will ensure that your patients feel safe at all times, which is especially important after hours or when no one is manning the front desk.