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Coolest Car Features Coming in 2020

In the past decades, cars have evolved faster than ever before. New features allow vehicles to be safer, more luxurious and perform better on the road. Some are for environmental safety, others incorporate AI technologies to avoid car accidents.

It’s been an incredible decade for all types of vehicles, but 2020 ushers in the next level of incredible features for consumers. If you’re looking for the coolest updates on the market, then here’s what to pay attention to in the upcoming year. 

Automatic Emergency Braking

While you can find this feature on several of today’s cars, it’s becoming the new standard in 2020. Not only that, but advances in the technology allow for an all-around better system. If you’re unfamiliar with this feature, it allows your car to brake by itself when the sensors determine a collision is about to take place. 

Safety rating organizations are already praising this invention and the statistics on accident prevention are incredible. As 2020 begins, consumers can expect increased levels of safety along with a reduction in the price to add this feature. For some manufacturers, their base models will simply include this as a standard part of the car. 

Virtual Reality Entertainment

It sounds insane, but 2019’s Consumer Electronics Show saw Audi include new VR capabilities to their vehicles. Their car’s movements are now synched with a VR-based game offered by Disney. Your passengers can strap on their headsets and ride along with Disney’s top characters.

The technology is simple, for now, but is a must-have for families that regularly take long road trips. It’s unclear what updates the system will receive, but Disney and Audi are never ones to shy away from pushing the envelope on both vehicles and entertainment. 

Heads-Up Display

Did you know that taking your eyes off of the road for five seconds while traveling 50 miles an hour is the equivalent of driving across a football field blindfolded? While you might not take as long to look at your speedometer, criminal defense attorneys at Stein & Markus Law warns that any amount of time not focused on the road can lead to a severe accident. 

With a head-up display, vital information like your speed and gas levels pop up directly on your windshield. Navigation is also an included feature with this technology. While these displays are not new, 2020 will see them become more standard. Some companies are also working on upgrades for older vehicle models. 

Other top features to look for next year include luxuries like massaging seats and connectivity as well as safety features like exit warning systems to protect cyclists, or towing bars such as the ones you can find at Speedy Towbars. App control features, lane assist, and 5G cellular technology join the list.

These features are incredible, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what else 2020 will hold as the year unfolds? Even better, imagine what the next decade holds in the advancement of vehicle features. Personal injury attorney Jeremy Rosenthal agrees, next year is going to be a great time to purchase a new car.