How to Get a Home Loan with Bad Credit

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Many of us believe that because we have poor credit, we automatically do not qualify for a home loan. This simply is not true and there are many ways to get a home loan when you have a poor credit rating. Borrowers can often get approved for home loans using financing programmes that are specifically for people in their situation.

Check Your Credit Score

Most countries use a credit score rating to determine whether someone is fit to be approved for a loan. The higher your credit rating the better, particularly when it comes to home loans. If you think you have a poor credit rating, get in touch with a lending specialist at and discuss your options. You may find that although your credit rating is not great, you can still be approved for a home loan.

The higher your credit score rating, the better your interest rate will be on the loan. Many lending companies deal with people who have low credit scores, some offer home loans without requiring any collateral.

Impact on Your Home Loan Application

We all know there are many tips and tricks out there to get a good deal on a home loan, but if you have bad credit, most traditional lending institutions will not approve your application. The problem is that lenders always look at your credit history and if it is bad they will not look too favourably on your application.

Low-interest rate home loans are generally reserved for borrowers who have excellent credit, so if you are approved for a loan, expect to pay a little more due to your poor credit background.

Getting the Best Deals

Before you apply for a home loan, make sure you understand credit scores and credit reports and how they affect your chances of securing a loan. Just because you have a poor or bad credit rating does not mean you have to take whatever offer the bank puts on the table. There are other options and using traditional methods is not the only way to get a home loan.

  • Shop Around – When you are looking for a home loan, do not forget to try every avenue. Banks are not your only option, you can get in touch with online lenders, alternative lenders, and more. Some lenders specialise in financing for individuals who have a poor credit history.
  • Co-signer – This may be an option if you have a friend or family member who has a good credit score. Their credit can give your application a boost and help you to secure a lower interest on the home loan.
  • Bigger Down Payment – It is possible to have poor credit and substantial savings. Lenders often accept people with bad credit in exchange for a substantial down payment.

There are many factors to consider when applying for a home loan with bad credit. First, you must find out about your credit rating score to see what bracket you fall under. If you are getting harsh interest rates from traditional lenders, you should try other options such as online or with brokers.