Ak-47 Cannabis Strain

Interested in growing the Ak-47 cannabis strain yourself? Well, this spicy, strong, sativa-dominating hybrid grows best indoor with a soil or hydroponics cultivation system. This is definitely the easiest way to cultivate AK-47, yielding it a flowery-short flowering time of around 53 to 65 days. The flowers are full of serpents, which give the plant its distinct peppery taste. This strain is particularly popular for the highly aromatic, mind-altering effects it produces. AK-47 is often used as a recreational substance, and is now making a foray into the world of medical marijuana.

If you have always wanted to try out one of the best tasting varieties of cannabis available, you need to harvest your crop in its natural form. When harvesting, ensure that only the main stems are pulled up. Stem will contain significant amounts of THC (tetra-carbinol) and therefore will not be as effective in altering your brain chemistry as the topsoil would. Keep in mind that when processing the cannabis seeds for your favorite AK-47 cannabis strain recipe, you must discard the resin found on the stems.

Once the flowering time for this cannabis marijuana strain has progressed to full bloom, it will usually remain viable for the next five years. The longer it remains viable, the more resin is retained within the leaves and stems. It will retain this resin for up to 6 months. The resin helps the plant to maintain its distinct flavor.

AK-47 is also a member of the Releaf group of medical marijuana strains. Like other members of this group, ak-47 is exceptional as it contains less than 0.3% THC. This contributes to the medicinal benefits of the medical marijuana strains. However, the new type of medical marijuana, ak-47, does not contain a high amount of THC and therefore has significantly less harmful side effects.

AK-47 cannabis strain can be divided into three different categories based on the way it was harvested. The first category of this medical marijuana strain is called Ak-47 feminized seeds. These aussie canna seeds are derived from female plants and are hence considered as female strains. The second group is Ak-47 standard strain which is derived from male plants.

The third category of Ak-47 cannabis strain is known as sativa-dominant hybrids. These strains do not contain any sativa during the time that it is being grown. This means that the effects of this strain are not as potent as those of the sativa strains. In fact, the effects of this type of strain are much milder compared to the effects of the sativa strains. This makes this type of Ak-47 cannabis strain ideal for use by those who are suffering from more serious medical ailments.

People who prefer to use this type of cannabis strain should ensure that they consume small amounts of this medical marijuana extract. The smallest amount can be consumed to get the desired effects without experiencing any euphoric feelings or physical relaxation. It should be noted that some people experience euphoric feelings when using ak-47 cannabis strain. This makes the effect of this medical marijuana extract much better compared to the effects of those strains that contain a high amount of THC.

One of the most common and least harmful effects of Ak-47 cannabis strain is dry eyes. A small number of users have reported having this condition while using this type of marijuana extract. This condition is characterized by redness in the eyes that could cause discomfort and difficulty in seeing. However, this condition is a mild effect of Ak-47 and does not pose any immediate threat to your health. This is also one of the most effective medical marijuana strains that can provide you with minor side effects that are considered to be harmless.