How to ensure the cloud is safe for usage?

How to ensure the cloud is safe for usage?

With the advancement of science and technology, cloud storage technology has also achieved new heights in the recent past. A few years ago, no one even knew what the cloud storage meant. Whereas, today, it’s a concept that finds its application almost daily worldwide. With more developments in this technology, the number of businesses and enterprises that are using the benefits that cloud storage services have to offer is increasing. 


The wide application of this technology all of a sudden has raised a few questions from the user’s end. Some are unable to understand the concept of cloud storage, whereas others are doubtful of its credibility. They aren’t sure about storing valuable information to the cloud. Many are still exploring the various ways in which cloud can be useful. To find out the answers to the above-mentioned queries, read this article below. 


What Is The Cloud?


The cloud is an abstract concept which denotes an engineering principle that lets people retrieve, store, and process their valuable information without having to bother about its security or specifics. When you store your data on the cloud, it means that your data has been stored on a server and you don’t have to worry about the fine details except for your password. You can save your data on multiple servers globally or on one single device. Most people store it on one easily accessible device. 


For users who are storing their data on the cloud, they don’t have to worry about the location where the data is being stored. The cloud server will take care of everything, allowing you to retrieve and access your stored data as and when you require it. Relying on this cloud technology will free you from remembering all specific details and worrying about your data’s safety and security. 


How safe is the cloud? 


Users are really worried about the safety of their confidential files that will be stored on the cloud. Often, some end up thinking that traditional computers to be responsible for taking care of their confidential data. 


Whereas, the concept of cloud is to some extent like thousands of computers arranged in several tiers in height. Also known as server farms, data centers are concentrated locations where your data is stored, processed, collected, distributed through means of networking and computing equipment. Besides, they also provide users with important services, like data management, data backup, recovery and storage and allows you to access the data from anywhere. Networked computer servers secure and store your entire confidential business data ensuring a high level of cybersecurity. 


Today, digital assets are too provided with security. 


Walled enclosures, guards, security gates and CCTV are being used nowadays to shield physical severs from undesirable access. A networked data center, on the other hand, is much more secured than your office servers. The difference in the level of security between the two can be compared to storing your valuables in a bank vault which is highly protected versus locking your valuables in your office desk. Today’s digital security encrypts files, protects transmissions and regulates services from being encroached upon. 


How convenient is storing files on the cloud? 


When you store all your files and information on the cloud, you can have access to them easily from any device whenever you require them. Also, they sill be backed up automatically, so there’s no risk of losing your files. Employers can work on the same files at the same time, save them, monitor them, process them too and transfer them without having to worry about unnecessary things. 


In short, the cloud can be your most secure and ultimate effective tool to protect your confidential business information. Many firms don’t understand how valuable the cloud can prove to be until they started to use it themselves. 



User Security


The greatest threat to the security of your files and data comes from you only. Never set a weak password that can easily be deciphered. Also, never reuse old passwords for accessing your data and information. This will make your data vulnerable to hackers. 


While your data has been stored in the cloud, don’t install any random software into your device, from which you are accessing your files. This might give the attackers opportunities to hack your account. Hacking a secure, fortified data center is difficult. Whereas, attempting to hack an account having a weak password is comparatively easy. Use a password manager. This will help to fight against a large number of threats. 



In today’s high tech world, cloud technology is the safest, most secure and reliable option available to us for storing our valuable data and information. If you are convinced about storing your data on the cloud, use two-step authentication and encryption method, for better security. Also, keep in mind the tips below to secure your data on the cloud storage:


Set strong passwords and 2FA: use random passwords, combining special characters, upper cases, numbers, alphabets to create a strong password for protecting your stored data on the cloud. Don’t put the same password anywhere else. Also, inculcate a two-step authentication process to log into your cloud account properly. Remember to backup all your files stored in the cloud. Also, never store all important information in one cloud account. 


Practice smart surfing: whenever you are logging into your cloud account from any public device, always log out and never share your password with the browser. 


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