Harvey Weinstein Victims Advocacy Group Protests Outside Gary Barber’s Office

“We call on Spyglass Media Company CEO Gary Barber and Lantern Asset Management Capital Leadership Andy Mitchell and Milos Brajovic to do right by the Weinstein victims. Actions speak louder than words and the Weinstein victims have been patiently waiting for Gary Barber, Andy Mitchell and Milos Brajovic to uphold their promises. Nothing can take away the immeasurable pain of the past situations, but the good faith offer now seems to have been only empty rhetoric not followed up with the financial contributions.”

Documents that were filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court in 2018 indicate that Lantern Entertainment was sued by African-American Hollywood producer Marvin Peart for breaching a contract, as well as fraud and negligent misrepresentation. Marvin Peart said that he was left out of The Weinstein Company deal after bringing Lantern to the table and is now suing them for $110 million. Peart stated that “institutional racism” was part of the reason he was kept out of the deal he put together for the purchase of The Weinstein Company. As payment for bringing Lantern on as an investor, Peart claims he was promised $10 million as well as a seat on the board of the new company.

Marvin Peart went on the offensive against Lantern in the lawsuit, claiming, “Not only has it repudiated its contractual obligation to compensate Peart for his exceptional services and give him a seat on the reconstituted TWC (The Weinstein Company) Board of Directors, Lantern is attempting to write him completely out of the story of how a Hollywood outsider landed the biggest entertainment deal of the year…What happened to Plaintiff is not just a matter of damages for breach of contract. It is far more insidious. Peart is the latest striving African American who has been cheated out of his hard won right to occupy the winner circle because of his race. Lantern’s callous marginalization of plaintiff is otherwise inexplicable,”.

As of the time of this writing, the case is still being processed in court.