Hiking Gear That You Can Take Anywhere!

Hiking and camping are fun ways to get close to nature. They also provide a great way to get fit, stay fit and learn something new. For many hiking enthusiasts it’s an activity that requires a lot of commitment, but for some it’s simply a way to enjoy a weekend trip with family or friends. As well as learning a lot about the environment, you’ll also have a great time exploring the great outdoors and getting some exercise.

hiking gear

Here is my top 10 must have hiking gear by Rustic Sportsman for any day hiking adventure. Just because I use these products does not mean they are the only things you should bring on your hikes. There are all sorts of other accessories that you can take with you. I won’t be giving sales information on each product, so just know that they are all important. Just take a look at my gear recommendations and start stocking up on items you may never have thought to buy.

One of the essentials for any hiking trip is a quality backpack. If you are hiking in an area with natural hazards like streams, rainforest or lakes then a backpack will be your first defense against the elements. It’s always better to be prepared and take more than one backpack when hiking. Trail backpacks are the most popular type of backpack because they are easy to carry, have a strong structure and plenty of room for camping equipment, water bottles, extra clothes, camera and first aid kit.

Another important piece of hiking gear for any excursion is a quality hydration pack. I like to have two hydration packs – one for day hiking and one for overnight trips. My hydration pack is a big thing that stores water and sports drink in, that I can grab on my way out the door or during the day while I am hiking. The main purpose of the pack is to hold all my hiking gear together and be lightweight so I don’t drag it around the park.

Another important piece of hiking gear is the insole. You’ll need a good pair of hiking footwear for any situation. Whether you’re in a trail or at a parking lot, there’s a certain kind of hiking footwear that works best for each situation. I prefer the insole shoes because I don’t like high heels and I’m not used to walking on pavement all day long so trail shoes are ideal for me. Another reason why I like insole footwear is because they are extremely breathable which helps to keep my feet cool and dry at all times.

Another important piece of hiking gear is the National Park t-shirt. There are many national parks that offer co-ops where you can exchange your dirty t-shirt for a new one. It’s a great way to get your camping gear and meet new friends in the woods.

Another great piece of hiking gear for your first time camping trip is the personal locator beacon. The personal locator beacon is a device that keeps track of your location, whether it’s from your GPS or from your cell phone. This can be an extremely useful piece of hiking gear to have if you’re lost in the backcountry and need to find your way back to civilization.

The other piece of hiking gear, I would recommend taking along with your gear is a gotenna mesh backpack. The antenna mesh is incredibly breathable and helps to prevent heat buildup in the areas that you’re trying to cover. It also has the added benefit of wicking moisture away from your body which can prevent you from getting heat exhaustion and dehydration. Another great thing about the antenna mesh backpack is that it has a built in personal locator beacon that will help anyone find you in the dark.