Cell phones have changed the way we live

It is no secret these days that cell phones are everywhere. And why wouldn’t they be? The limits of what they can do have been expanded so profoundly that it would be quicker to list out the things that they can’t do.

Most of all, cell phones can now impact such specific portions of our lives that it is almost impossible to speak in a generalized sense. And that’s not even taking into account these alternative carriers like Mint Mobile that have come into the fold.

Think about this: with a Mint Mobile coupon, you can get cheaper access to the reliable Mint Mobile network for as low as a couple of twenty dollar bills. Compared to the first cell phones that were in the several-thousand dollar range, that’s pretty incredible.

This guide will just scratch the surface of what smartphones can do, but should give a pretty good indication of what they are capable of.

Completely Changing Sports

It is no secret that these days we can watch just about anything that we want on our smartphones and that includes live sporting events. With a smartphone, you can watch any lie sporting event in short order, ensuring that you never miss out on the big plays.

You can also get the completely comprehensive experience by accessing apps of your favorite sports teams and leagues, finding standings, stats, highlights, and so much more with just a few taps. That is the kind of access and coverage that comes with having smartphones.

We have all likely seen the videos of diehard sports fans watching the big game at weddings or big gatherings and that is the kind of immediate access that smartphones can present. Never miss out on a big game ever again.


Google has changed our ability to find out about literally anything ever. And being able to access both the web and Google on your smartphone has completely changed the ability to learn things at a moment’s notice.

Maybe you’re out and about and something pops into your head but it is a half-formed thought. With the Google app on your smartphone, you can find out about that thing with just a few relevant keywords.

Before smartphones, you had to go to the library or happen to know someone who had information on that subject if there were any solutions at all. With smartphones, there is no solution or question that will go unanswered.

Simply put smartphones have changed the way that we do literally everything, from experiencing sports to learning about the random things that pop into our brains. And what’s crazy is that smartphones can do so much more than that.