5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram has now become a new way of gaining popularity and celebrity status. Individuals are working hard every day to try and grow their Instagram following and get as many likes as possible on their posts. Marketers have identified a platform for making money and popularizing brands at the same time.

There has been an emergence of a new career of marketers called influencers. These are people, celebrity and non-celebrities that have a massive following hence having companies approach them to popularize their brands or do some advertising. People have resulted in different ways of growing their Instagram following. Social steeze seems popular for individuals to buy followers in a bid to popularize their accounts. Buying followers, is just among the many easy ways you can grow your following, but not the best. Here are five easy ways you can grow your Instagram account.

Start with Your Bio

Like a book introduction, your bio is the first thing that Instagram users will see before they even scroll through your profile. You cannot afford to have it shabby or unattractive. It is like the proverbial first impression you give to strangers. According to ingramer, “Ensure that you have a nice and appealing profile picture, and that you have stated briefly what your account is all about.” You can even add a link that leads visitors to your website. The more appealing your bio is, the more likely visitors will check out your profile, and the more likely they will make a decision to follow your page. While buying followers from buzzvoice may create the perception that your page is popular and draw others to you, it is always not a guarantee if you do not put in the work yourself.

Post Exciting Content

Instagram is a visual platform, and as such, you have to work towards growing your visual content. Instagram users visit other people’s accounts primarily for entertainment and to pass time. It follows then that if you want to grow a following and keep it, then you have to post creative content and post it regularly. Take advantage of Instagram editing tools to add color and life to your pictures. Identify a theme and stick to it so that people can identify with your page and have expectations. Ensure that you create a story around your posts so that you can have users not only visiting your page, but also sharing your content on their pages.

Make Use of Hashtags

The main use of hashtags is to try and reach out to users who are not part of your following. It follows then that you should know which hashtags to use based on the content on your account. You need to tag the right people, that share your vision. You cannot be having an account about race cars then go tagging users dealing with cakes and such, unless it is under special circumstances. You should also try to be specific and use variations of the same tag. Don’t just use tags because of their popularity, try and use tags that will bring more engagement to your account.

Follow Popular Pages

Getting a following requires that you show your content out there. One of the best ways you can do this is following those that already popular on Instagram. Participate in their stories and try and contribute in a creative and engaging manner to attract users to your page. Check out pages and personalities that are in your field or those that can easily connect with what you do. The more your participation is in such popular context, the better your chances will be of attracting followers. Start small and be consistent. Ensure that you also follow other pages whether they are popular or not, as long as they are active. You will have people following you back by merely doing this.

Collaborate with Others

Growing a following requires that you reach out to new users. Collaborating with other pages that share your vision is one great way of ensuring you reach out to the new users. Have the other user share your content as you also share theirs. Your followers will most likely interact with their content if they identify with it and the same will happen to your content. You will gain a substantial number of followers using this process if especially you collaborate with a popular brand.

Growing Instagram followers is a process that requires consistency and patience. Take your time to grow not just a following, but one that is engaging and active. While buying followers may create the perception that your page is popular and draw others to you, it is always not a guarantee if you do not put in the work yourself.