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Business Refresh: When Should You Do a New Coat of Paint?

How you appear at first glance to others is important. Humans are visual beings, and we tend to expect what we see.

If something looks sloppy or messy, most people will conclude that the person or business behind it might be just as disorganized.

If you own a warehouse, an office, or a shop, you should never neglect first-impressions. Here’s a quick way to tell if your building needs a new coat of paint.

Don’t Overlook Your Business Exterior

If your business is going well, it may be easy to overlook the exterior of your company building. After all, it’s not causing any problems. Or is it?

The bottom line is, if your building’s exterior is looking shabby, you’re likely to be losing customers. This could be going on without you realizing it’s happening.

Sprucing up your external presentation will help your business shine. You will attract customers who can see that you’re proud of your brand and want to look great.

Customers want to see a neat and tidy business exterior with colors that make sense. If your outside looks like it has peeling-paint, faded, or is an outdated disaster, they’ll move on and choose someone else to do business with.

So, don’t give your competition an easy edge!

What Happens When Your Colors Are Dated

Appearance matters in business, whether it’s your personal appearance or your business appearance. When your building exterior has an old paint scheme, potential customers probably won’t take your business seriously.

It’ll look like you’re not interested or sophisticated enough to keep up with trends. This can hurt your credibility and maybe even make you the laughingstock of the town.

If you don’t care enough to stay current with paint colors and the design style of your business, people will wonder why. Is it because you just don’t have the money? Are you too cheap? 

If your business looks like you aren’t paying attention, or you’re into 80s style- unless that is part of your marketing strategy- it’s not a great way to survive.

Signs Your Building Needs A New Coat of Paint Now

It’s fairly easy to tell when you need to repaint your business exterior.

Paint that’s faded is a dead giveaway. Chipped or flaking paint is also unattractive and should be scraped and repainted over. Also, if you can see cracks or bare spots, these are more signs you need to take action.

If you see any of these signs on your building’s exterior, it’s time to give professionals a call.

Services like Metro Painting can do all the hard work for you. All you’ll need to do is pick your paint colors, and they’ll do the rest!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. Giving your office building a new coat of paint can breathe new life into your business. Give it a try!

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