Better Safe Than Sorry: 4 Things You Absolutely Need in Your Pandemic Supplies Toolkit

Nobody ever expects to be in a pandemic, which is why most people are unprepared for when it happens. To keep you and your family safe during these trying times, it’s critical that you prepare a pandemic toolkit.

Your toolkit should be full of the necessary pandemic supplies. 

To save you time and unnecessary anxiety, we’ve helped create the perfect pandemic toolkit with all the items you’ll need.

1. Face Masks 

Face masks are imperative for your pandemic supplies checklist. Face masks can protect you, as well as others from falling ill. The CDC recommends wearing a face mask whenever you’re in a public space or around others. 

Be sure that your face mask covers your nose and mouth without large gaps. It’s best to avoid bandanas or gaiter masks because they offer less protection. You’ll want to have several pairs of face masks since you’ll have to wash them every so often. 

Beyond a cloth face mask, consider disposal masks. They offer lots of protection and are lightweight. You don’t have to worry about washing them since you can dispose of them after a couple of wears. 

2. Soap and Disinfectants 

Another important item for your pandemic toolkit is soaps and disinfectants. The best defense against viruses is soap and water. 

You’ll want to make sure you’re washing your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. This especially important after you touch commonly touched items. 

You’ll also want to be cleaning bathrooms and countertops more often to reduce the spread of germs. Hand sanitizer can also be very convenient while on the road. 

3. Plenty of Groceries 

Consider supplying your kitchen with groceries that are likely to last long. If possible, you’ll want to limit the amount of grocery store trips you take. By buying food that lasts longer, like canned goods and pasta, you’ll always be stocked up with food. 

If you want to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, try freezing them to make it last longer. 

4. Medications and First Aid Kit 

Most importantly, make sure you have medications and a first aid kit stocked. Your first aid kit should include a thermometer and acetaminophen. Be sure to refill medications and don’t ever risk getting low. 

The last thing you want to do is procrastinate refilling a prescription and find out that there is a shortage of one of the ingredients. By preparing ahead of time, you’ll limit the likelihood of this happening. 

And make sure to do your research to find out if there are any extra items you may want in your pandemic toolkit. 

Now You Know What Pandemic Supplies to Put in Your Toolkit

Each of these four pandemic supplies is critical to ensuring you and your loved ones’ health and safety. They’ll help you to maintain peace of mind during times of chaos. Preparation is something you can control, and it can make all the difference in maintaining sanity. 

So, why procrastinate? Order these items today! We promise you won’t regret it! 

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