Why Every Homeowner Should Invest in a Safe

Do you have valuable jewellery at home? Or are there property papers which you can’t leave out in the open? If you have maids or visitors coming to visit you every now and then, it’s best that you keep prized possessions in maximum security. Now, you can either choose to take your prized possessions to a trusted bank and lock them away in a bank deposit safe, or you can get a residential safe at home and lock everything away in there. The choice is yours. 

In case, you’re a bit tight on budget and you want to keep everything in one place, home safes are your best bet. You can find them in a variety of different sizes and styles. 

If you’re a little skeptic on how to install one at your home, here are some of the best reasons to consider.

Home Break-Ins Have Become a Common Threat
Do you know that the average home break-in incidents have risen to 2,000,000 homes annually? This sums up to a total of 66% of the overall break-in cases taking place all across the United States. Burglars steal a variety of stuff ranging from furniture to appliances, from television sets to cars, washing units, lawn-mowers, even sprinklers and mailboxes. So just in case, if they do come across anything worth more value such as jewelry or property papers, then why wouldn’t they not opt-in to leave behind everything else and grab the expensive stuff? It’s why getting a home safe is very essential for you.

While we all want to deny the possibility of a theft to occur, break-ins are yet a common undeniable fact. We can’t just turn a blind-eye to it even if we are residing in the safest neighbourhood. 

Therefore, when it comes to securing our personal stuff, it’s best we get ourselves a home safe. 

Valuable Items Can Remain Safe During Fire-Breakouts
Almost half a million individuals lose prized possessions in fire incidents taking place in residential areas of the United States every year. As a result, many people lose valuable stuff such as photos, wills, deeds, jewelry and other important documents. When a fire strikes, it can be ruthless. And it burns everything that comes in its way. Although, you can take precautionary measures but if the fire is strong, you can’t do much other than watch it consume things in its wake.

When we discuss home safes, they come in different qualities. There are some fire-proof safes available in the market that can ensure maximum protection for your prized possession. 

By investing your budget in a fireproof safe, you can ensure your stuff remains well secured for a certain period of time until the fire dies down. They come in different ratings extending from 1-hour to 2-hour. 

Check for a safe by asking your locksmith service in Rochester NY that has 1200 F bearing capacity to ensure maximum safety of your products. 

Home Safes Can Keep Things Safe from Water Damage
Similar to fire damage, there’s water damage. If you live in an area where flooding can happen, leaving your prized possessions out in the open can take them away with the flood. It’s best that you get a home safe which can protect your stuff from water flooding. There are plenty of waterproof safes available in the market which can ensure maximum protection of your valuable documents.

Just like fire-rated home safes, commercial safes are also available in various styles & sizes. They have waterproof ratings so find something that can easily fall in the 48 hours of submersion category. 

Home Safes can Easily Be Concealed
Home safes are particularly small in size and it’s one of the reasons why they can so easily be concealed. You can hide one behind a picture above your fireplace. There are plenty of home safe options such as traditional wall-safe, to cylindrical safes. Then there are in-floor safes which you can install inside the floor. Because of their small size and easy concealment, they are ultra-secure and the best option. 

So there you go, here are some of the benefits of getting a home safe.