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Which Apple Macbook Should You Buy 2017

Apple Macbook buying guideIf you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking forward to buying a new Apple Macbook, or upgrade your existing system on Macbook!

You’ve gotten tired of your plain looking laptops and you’re looking for a more prestigious, more graceful option but also the one that counts. However, there are some things to keep in mind when buying an Apple’s laptop. When it comes to buying the Mac’s laptop, that’s quite challenging decision and a tiring task. Macbooks come in great variety of sizes, designs, performances and most importantly their use.

As such, the decision for buying a Macbook doesn’t look as simple as buying an iPhone is. Before pursuing this shopping session, you should ask yourself what are you looking for from a Mac laptop?

Additionally, you will discover some good reasons why buying Macbook is good for you, your personal development and the development of your business.

Why Should I Buy an Apple MacBook?

Even though they are expensive compared to the other releases, MacBooks set a completely new standard in the use of laptops, from gaming and portability to a high operating use which demands high end performance.

Finding laptops with exceeding, compelling quality of the keyboard, display which is better than IPS panel and design that simply takes away the breath is a challenging process. Also, if you’re looking for the portable, successful machines that look prestigious and high end, you’re on the right track to buy the MacBook.

Moreover, Retina Display is something other laptops simply can’t offer, which is why you should definitely go for the MacBooks.

Which Apple MacBook Should I Buy?

It all depends on the need. Here we’ve listed the honorable mentions for every profession, as the laptop’s choice depends on your own needs and demands. If you’re looking for a business suite laptop and a gaming laptop, the 15 inches machine is probably the best, but also the most expensive option.

Meanwhile, the day to day users who don’t perform much and don’t demand a lot from a laptop can rest assured that the 13 inches MacBook Air will meet all of their demands of regular use but, also appeal to the students who need laptop for studying endeavors.

Apple MacBook Buying Guide 2017

First of all, if you want to buy an Apple Macbook, you should keep in mind that this model should serve you for several years without stopping. An iPhone changes every year but Apple’s laptops last for three to five years before the new release comes around.

This being said, you shouldn’t settle with the Apple’s Macbook if you’re not going to stick with your system running for years. Like mentioned before, Macbooks come with great variety of configurations and editions that are available for choosing. There are several factors that need to be considered: Size, Portability, Performances, Design and purpose.

Even though there are initial two models, the setup and option possibilities are timeless. Aside from the Desktop versions Mac mini and iMac that has great variety of productivity-friendly features there are several laptops that can meet your demands regardless of your profession or intentions with the laptop.

If you’re looking for an entry level laptop, there’s MacBook Air with great variety of features suited to every day to day, regular user. Also, there is the featherweight, portability master MacBook with 12 inches diagonal screen and the power related, productive MacBook Pro, coming in either 13 inch and 15 inch releases suited for different needs and purposes.

Regardless of your needs, the price ranges between $1000 all the way up to the $4000. It is understandable that the Apple’s laptops are far more expensive than the other options that you see today.

However, there’s nothing wrong in fancying the luxury and great, agile and efficient performance. It is also important to note that each one of these laptops carries the latest Apple operating system, macOS Sierra which is now complete with amazing utilities which include the supported Touch Bar option, GarageBand.

Furthermore, in this article you will see samples of good choices for the laptops that can suit you in the most professional manner. There is at least one model for every purpose, starting from the most efficient, portable laptops to the graphics design and gaming creed.

The 13-inches MacBook Air: The Most Affordable Option

It is hard to find an efficient yet inexpensive option for MacBook. But, the 13 inches diagonal MacBook Air stands out from the crowd. It is an entirely new standard for the laptops, and it looks gorgeous. It’s portability is not as much as the other portable options featured from Apple.

Even though it’s the two years old option, the laptop sports a fast and smooth 5th generation Core processor and moreover, there’s a good amount of flash storage available on it. This is an entry use laptop, meaning that it’s perfect for a regular day to day use, multitasking on several simple programs and using mainly for web surfing and similar endeavors.

Unfortunately, you won’t find the Retina display on this model even though the vast majority of Apple’s laptops have it, which is quite disappointing in terms of quality.

Even so, the laptop features a redesigned case and a great number of features and utilities which include the efficient ForcePad. The latest model is definitely a leading combination of the first class battery life, which means that you can use this laptop uninterruptedly for the very 14 hours in the mode of surfing, watching videos and similar tasks, and agile performance without stuttering and lags, making this laptop as good for work as it’s good for the regular use.

Aside from the class-leading performance, epic battery life and a lovely design, this model is also known for a lot of ports and a perfect keyboard that is soft and deep on touch.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Retina Display: The Best Budget Performance Laptop

Apple’s laptops were built with the featherweight idea and portability in mind. Same goes for the 13 inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Retina Display. Even though the model comes from the 2015, the model is probably the best performance you can get for this money.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to provide yourself with the first class laptop, Apple’s MacBook Pro is the right choice for you.

The model comes with the innovative and intuitive touch bar that outperforms the vast majority of touch bars with its smoothness, swiftness and great responsive time. Moreover, the MacBook lasts significantly longer than its predecessors which is great for people who like to be outside while performing their threads on the laptop.

Despite being older, the MacBook Pro still has several advantages that prove very beneficial compared to their successor models. The first beneficial fact is that this model is whole $200 cheaper than the newer model and moreover, it has a less crunchy keyboard that is far deeper while providing an array that is wider.

Also, there are several more ports which include USB 3.0 connectors which is great because not everyone has adjusted to the new policy and technology of the USB C ports. Additionally, there is a HDMI output and an SD card slot.

Moreover, there is a sharp retina display which provides great picture fulfilled with great variety of vibrant and vivid textures, while also providing high end performance followed with the amazing 12 hours of battery for watching movies, surfing and a lot of great stuff. The laptop weights like some feather, only 1.58 kg and is listed in the portable section of the laptops.

The latest MacBook Pro: The Best Multitasking MacBook

The latest MacBook Pro is now available in its edition that includes Apple’s efficient, new Touch Bar.

Not only it is extremely efficient, meaning that it’s smooth, agile and has great responsive time but, also is a great replacement to the keyboard’s function row with a context-sensitive navigation screen which navigates its screen according to the application that is currently in use. Aside for other great variety of features, there are buttons for tabs in Safari and also buttons that allow you to edit your photos.

The reason this laptop is great for everyone who runs multithreading applications at work and elsewhere is mostly because of the rest of the specifications.

Along with the touch bar, there’s 6th generation Intel Core for the great variety of multitasking applications. It handles sturdy programs such as Photoshop and illustrator without sweat while also being efficient for other models. There’s a perfect speed storage with great transfer and accessing speeds. The Intel Iris graphics is integrated.

However, it sports great performance which is eligible even for gaming. Alongside with that, there are four Thunderbolt 3 ports along with the 2560 x 1600 resolution Retina display.

The Most Portable MacBook

Everyone loves the portable laptops, especially if they are featured by Apple.

We spoke about the portable laptops but MacBooks take the term portable to an absolutely new level. This laptop weights barely 1 kg and you will notice that it’s more than ever as easy to take this laptop with you in the bag, wherever you need to be, this laptop will be with you.

You will definitely admire it for its Retina display, attractive and stylish design and over 8 hours of battery. Laptops have never been so durable in terms of battery life, and Apple has ensured that the portability and functionality are absolutely provided with this set of laptops.

Even so, if you’re looking for a serious performance you will not be satisfied with the Core m CPU, also this laptop features only USB Type C port for data and charging. The flexibility of this laptop is absolutely outstanding, including the good-quality keyboard and Retina Display make the special scent of beauty to this laptop.

The 15 inch MacBook – Aimed for Power

The latest 15 inch MacBook is definitely for all in one operations. However, it is used mostly by the serious and strict workers that appreciate its multithreading specifications. Either way, included with the touch bar, the MacBook Pro seems like a lot of fun. You are very easy to adjust and get used to its flexible behavior and in the meantime, you will figure that this laptop is much more than just a regular laptop.

MacBook pro is created for the creative minds and professionals who enjoy using laptops for fulfilling the very demanding tasks such as video editing or animation.

You will see that this MacBook is a less portable option, it is still relatively lightweight and with 15 inch packs brighter screen, with sharper and more clear colors. In the meantime, in terms of performance you will love the quad-core CPU followed with the Radeon Pro 450 and/or 460 graphics along with 16 GB of RAM which is more than sufficient for running even the most operating application.

If you’re looking for a notebook that exceeds with its transfer speeds and storage, the 15 inch MacBook Pro offers great, high-speed PCIe storage. It is also Accompanied with the vibrant 2900 x 1800 display, a responsive touch bar and thunderbolt 3 ports.

This model is also great for gamers, especially because it’s growing in the popularity among the gamers. Gamers are now capable of installing Windows through the Boot Camp on a Mac. Mac gamers are not anymore limited to only Mac OS but now they have opportunity to play games on Windows.

There’s also an option of the most expensive MacBook Pro with Retina display that has the AMD Radeon R9 graphics card but, alongside the Iris graphics, the gamers are capable of running the vast majority of the latest games that are available.

Final Words

Buying a cheap Apple’s laptop is not listed as an option. You should always keep in mind that when you’re going for the MacBook, you’re definitely going to spend at least $1000.

This being said, if you’re looking for the combination of portability and power, Apple’s Macbooks are a must have. In this article we’ve listed the most portable, most powerful, the most inexpensive and the entry level MacBook. Which MacBook are you the most fond of? Do you own one?