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Apple and Mac Computers: Why They are Still the Best Choice for Your Business and Where to Rent Them

A quick search for “the best computer” will show you that Apple and Mac products are consistently in high demand. For those in creative fields, Macs simply cannot be beaten.  They offer stunning displays, excellent graphics, and a sleek design that appeals to artists and non-artists alike. 

If you are looking to supply your office with Apple and Mac products, you may be put off by the higher initial cost. If this is the case, consider Apple Mac rentals before taking the leap. This allows you the flexibility to experience the product without an expensive and longterm commitment. Computer rental companies can also work with you to identify the best product to suit the needs of your business. 

Many people are enticed by the low prices available with some PCs, but it is important to keep quality in mind to ensure the best outcomes for your team. Here are 7 reasons why we think Apple products are the best computer rentals for your business:

1. There are fewer choices

Let’s face it, there are just too many kinds of computers out there! Between the different brands, configurations, and styles, choosing a new computer can be a dizzying experience. Apple simplifies the process and helps you narrow down your search by focusing on a smaller number of products. While there may be fewer options, you know that they are from a respected and reliable brand. 

2. Security

To this day, Macs fall prey to fewer virus attacks than Windows products. While the company supplying your rental will likely take care of such issues for you, facing computer viruses is an inconvenience for any business. It should be noted that as Apple continues to dominate the market, viruses are getting more sophisticated and may level the playing field for Windows soon. But in the meantime, Apple can still boast about their preferred security features. 

3. Device synchronicity 

Nothing comes close to matching Apple’s device synchronization capabilities. Through iCloud and Time Machine, you have a strong hard drive backup and the ability to share documents and files across multiple devices seamlessly. This can be extremely attractive in professional settings, as important files can be transffered, shared, and saved with ease. Windows has tried to create similar products and functions, but none with the success of Apple’s. Furthermore, It is very likely that you yourself have an Apple product, so it is a function that could be of great benefit to your business as well as your personal accounts. 

4. Customer service

Mac users consistently rave about the customer service experience when something goes wrong with their products. Because the other PCs contain parts and software from multiple companies, Mac products are almost entirely in the hands of Apple. This greatly simplifies the troubleshooting and resolution process for users. And when your business is at stake, time is of the essence!

5. More user-friendly

At the end of the day, users who are simply looking to get their work done will do best with a Mac. Windows and Microsoft may offer more settings and customizability, but most of it is far beyond the skill or interest of the average user. Mac products have a much simpler and user-friendly interface (once you figure out how to use it!). 

6. They look great!

Speaking of interface, Apple is the king of style. They have cornered the market on style and marketing, as well as visual effects. If your business regularly sees clients in-office, Macs will definitely make a better visual impression. And if presentations are a routine part of your work environment, the stunning visual displays provided by Macs will make a huge impact. 

 7. Operating systems

We all know that Windows 8 suffered from many problems. While Microsoft seems to have corrected the problems through Windows 10, it is not likely to be the last time they experience trouble. Meanwhile, macOS rarely experiences issues on the same scale. And ultimately, you can install Windows on Mac products anyway, so you can try out both to see what you like best. If your business needs to run multiple programs or utilize different features, there’s only one product that helps you do that. 

When all is said and done, Macs are expensive products. But renting computers for your business may be the perfect opportunity to experience the product without the exorbitant initial cost. They can offer your team great usability, style, and reliability. So why not?