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What’s Up with Apple’s Newest Displays?

For the first time, the Apple Company is working on displays for its devices. The company is designing and producing them by itself, using its own engineering staff and manufacturing facilities just as the works. As it turned out, the company has a secret production in California, launched especially for this project. First, Apple is going to produce a limited number of its own displays to test them and find the weak points, potential problems, and opportunities for improvement.

One of the leaders on the technology market makes a big investment into its new project. According to the secret source of information, the purpose is to develop MicroLED screens that will present a new-generation screen technology. This technology is going to be a significant leap compared to the OLED displays that are used today. The Apple promises that its new displays will be based on completely new compounds that will make it possible to produce slimmer gadgets. Moreover, MicroLED displays will have better brightness and they will consume far less energy.  

As it was too difficult to produce the screens by using new technology, the project was on the verge of collapse about a year ago. Luckily, the company did not shut down it, and since then engineering team has made noticeable progress. Now, the project is running actively, however it will take a few years to elaborate it and bring to life the new screens. This means that Apple’s fans have to wait for a little to see the results of this hard work.

The ambitions to bring creating the key components in-house look very promising. However, it may be very harmful to the companies that supply those components. This means that such companies as Japan Display Inc., LG Display Co. or Synaptics Inc. will lose a significant part of the market. Furthermore, if the MicroLED project is successful, nowadays leader in developing OLED screens Universal Display Corp. risks being harmed as well.

The new display technology will help Apple to outrun its competitors. And, if the company will manage to produce them on its own, it will guarantee the stability and uniqueness of Apple products. Nevertheless, it is still too early to speak about in-house production, as there are so many obstacles in this way. Starting from new equipment and finishing with unpredictable technology problems that may occur. Launching its own production requires many efforts and investments.

If the company decides not to launch its own mass production, it will be outsourced in order to minimize risks. It was expensive to organize the secret production in California; however, it was the only way to keep in secret the details regarding the project from the competitors.

At the official level, Apple still declines to comment the new display technology as well as its plans to start producing screens on its own.