The best home improvements to add value to your property

For many of us, buying a house might very well be the biggest single investment we make in our lives. So making the best of it as regards good maintenance and improvements will only add value to our investment. We take a look at some of the best ways to do so. 

Remodel the kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen makes eminent sense, and many people cite improving the overall look and efficiency of their kitchen as a strong motivating factor for remodeling. We start with flooring. The floor is the most obvious aspect of any room space and is a killer if you are one moved towards first impressions. Due to the nature of the kitchen and its regular moisture spills, it is advisable to use a flooring material that won’t wear and tear quite easily, such as Kahrs Flooring, ceramic or even stone tiles.

So people want their kitchens to look good, but they also want their kitchens to work well. Therefore lighting is important, as are good appliances, and attractive but easy to clean work surfaces and back splashes.

Sufficient storage is also high on the kitchen wish list for many people. Nowadays many people opt for eco-friendly appliances, and smart appliances are also increasingly making it onto people’s must-have requirements.

But the important thing to remember is that in most instances people are remodeling kitchens for their own and their family’s use. It is also important to do your kitchen remodel in keeping with the rest of the home. And also don’t get sucked into buying a kitchen that is vastly expensive and more than you can comfortably afford. You will almost certainly not recoup that money if you were to sell. 

Add that extra bathroom, or remodel an existing one

Good bathrooms are a sure selling point for a home. If your home has only one bathroom and you can at all afford it, consider adding a second one. If you can do so without adding on, it will save you a lot of money. Assess the floorplan of your house – is there an underutilized space, or an extra room that you can remodel into a bathroom? But bear in mind that you will need the best part of 30 square meters for a bathroom; even a half-bath will require at least 18 to 20 square meters. 

Again – do not be sucked into necessarily going for the ‘best money can buy’. There are many very attractive fixtures, tiling and flooring options available that will give you a bright, attractive and functional bathroom without costing an arm and a leg. Shop around and keep your eye out for special offers and discounts that frequently pop up at local suppliers and online. 

Consider home automation

Smart home innovations are designed to maximize your comfort and convenience, but also add a whole new dimension to home entertainment. It can also add greatly to your peace of mind by upgrading your security.

In this regard, home automation is fast gaining ground as not only a way of making your life easier, but also adding value to your home. This is particularly the case with smart tech that makes your smart home safer by boosting your security. With the help of your smart phone, you can arm or disarm your security system and lock or unlock your doors.

Likewise you can switch lights on and off, turn your heating up or down, open or close curtains, switch your oven on, or start your favorite music playing.  Having to come home to a cold, dark house is simply a thing of the past!           

Further upgrade your security with an outdoor security camera

The Arlo Ultra outdoor security camera is completely wireless, easy to install and just simply takes the technology of outdoor cameras for the home to a new level. It not only records and streams in high definition, but also combines motion-tracking with automatic zooming. Some of its many other exciting features include 911 connectivity, night vision in color, a 180° field of vision, and an integrated siren and spotlight system! 

Updating your lighting is always a bright idea 

Lighting automation is probably still the most commonly used home automation, and it is of course also the most visible. The possibilities in this regard can be as unique as they are varied.  Mood lighting has acquired great appeal these days, and can changed according to your requirements at the touch of a button on your phone or smart device.

However, lights throughout the house can also be programmed to switch on and off at seemingly random intervals, but actually according to a pre-programmed sequence that you can adapt and alter at will. This will give the impression that the house is occupied and discourage burglars from targeting your home. The possibilities here are virtually limitless as the automation is designed according to your unique needs and requirements.

Adding value to your property by making your home smarter, using deck cleaner outside, creating sensible additions like another bathroom, or remodeling your kitchen don’t just make good financial sense. It will also enhance your and your family’s lifestyle and quality of life for many years to come!