6 Reasons Hanging Mirrors in Your Home Is More Than Just Decorating

According to a survey that was conducted a few years ago, more than 40% of Americans wish their homes were bigger. Even though the average home size has steadily increased over the last 20 years, it seems many people still aren’t satisfied with the sizes of their homes.

Hanging mirrors is one very easy way to make your home feel larger than it is without putting an addition onto it. You’ll be surprised by how much bigger your home appears when you strategically place mirrors in the right spots.

There are also lots of other benefits that will come along with incorporating more mirrors into the mix inside your home. You can start taking advantage of them right away when you make mirrors a part of your home’s interior design.

Here are six great reasons to hang more mirrors in your home.

1. Makes Rooms Feel Brighter Than They Are

Do you have certain rooms in your home that feel too dark?

You might be able to bring some much-needed natural light into them by replacing your window treatments or changing out your windows themselves. But you can also make rooms brighter by hanging mirrors.

Mirrors will take the light that you already have in a room and reflect it to make that room brighter. You’ll find that darker rooms are more pleasant once they have more light in them and that you want to spend more time in those rooms from now on.

2. Adds Better Energy to Your Home

Is creating good feng shui in your home something that’s important to you? You can do it by:

  • Decluttering your home
  • Cleaning your windows and doors
  • Creating clear walking paths
  • Rearranging your furniture

You can also do it by hanging mirrors. Mirrors are known to represent water and will help you to bring a certain sense of balance and peace to a room.

Even if you’re not trying to achieve good feng shui, you’ll still appreciate the balance and peace that a single mirror can bring. Your home will be filled with more positive energy once you put more mirrors into it.

3. Gives People a Place to Look at Themselves 

Do you find yourself wanting to check out how your hair looks on a regular basis when you’re walking around inside your home? If so, you likely have to run to the nearest bathroom to find a mirror.

Hanging mirrors in rooms other than your bathrooms will allow you to change this. You’ll be able to see what you look like in almost any room in your home.

You’ll also give guests the chance the check themselves out, too, without having to excuse themselves to run to the bathroom. People will love being able to sneak a quick peek at themselves in your living room, your kitchen, or another area of your home.

4. Increases People’s Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

Did you know that you can improve your self-confidence and your self-worth every day by using what’s called the “mirror technique”? It calls for people to look into a mirror while repeating positive affirmations about themselves, and it’s been shown to work for many people.

There are lots of great mirror affirmations that you can use. But you’re not going to be able to use them very often if you don’t have mirrors set up throughout your home.

Try hanging mirrors and using the mirror technique to build up the confidence that you have in yourself. You might be able to reach new heights by glancing into mirrors in your home at almost every turn.

5. Provides an Improved Sense of Security

Are you concerned about the safety and security of your home? You’re not alone!

A recent study revealed that upwards of 70% of people worry about home security at least once a month. Roughly 40% of people even admit to sleeping with a weapon by their bed at night to protect themselves and their families in the event of a break-in.

Hanging mirrors in your home isn’t going to protect it like a home security system or, heck, a baseball bat next to your bed will. But it will make you feel like you can keep a closer eye on everything that’s happening in your home at any given time.

This will make you feel more safe and secure in your home. You’ll feel like you have a lot more control over what’s going on in your house throughout the day and night.

6. Helps Hide Unsightly Imperfections on Walls

Are there holes, dents, scratches, and other imperfections on any of the walls in your home?

You could, of course, fix them and repaint your walls so that they look great again. But you can also hang something over any imperfections that might exist to make them disappear without putting in a lot of work.

If you’ve been trying to find something to hang up over an imperfection on one of your walls, hanging mirrors might be your best bet. Mirrors will make you forget all about whatever imperfections might be behind them.

This mirror buying guide will provide you with some great mirror options for any of the various walls in your home.

Try Hanging Mirrors in Your Home to Experience the Difference They Make

From the second that you stick a mirror up on the wall in one of the rooms in your home, it’ll look and feel so much bigger. People have been hanging mirrors in small apartments and homes to make them appear larger for years now.

But as you’ve learned, that’s just one benefit that you’ll receive when you work mirrors into your home’s interior design. You’ll also alter the energy in your home when you hang up mirrors and potentially even give your self-confidence a boost.

Consider investing in at least one mirror for almost every room in your home. You can benefit from having mirrors in your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom, and more.

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