6 Apps To Improve Your Cycling Experience

Technology has revolutionized our lives in many ways. Today, nearly all sectors of the economy and personal lives depend on technology in one way or another, and cycling is no exception.

With so many people turning to cycle for its numerous benefits, companies and bike enthusiasts have invested time and resources to develop cutting-edge technologies to make riding more fun and appealing.

So if you own a bike, you can benefit immensely from these technologies. Wondering wow?

Here are six apps that can improve your cycling experience.

Map My Ride

Map My Ride app can help you track your daily cycling routes on your Android or iPhone smartphone. You can measure your cycling habits by setting your weight and height.

With Map My Ride, you can monitor the distance you cover and the time for each ride. In addition, the app also shows you your speed and the number of calories you have consumed throughout the journey.

You can even connect the app with trackers or smart shoes to track your activity and add photos. If you have friends using the app, you can connect with them and share your progress on social media.


Strava has been around for a decade. It is one of the most popular cycling apps developed by athletes who understand the pains of risers.

The app allows you to manage and monitor your cycling progress via GPS. After reviewing your performance, you can record new routes in the maps to increase your productivity. The app also allows you to set the start and end point of your cycling route on the map.

With Strava, you can record real-time details like speed, altitude, and distance and allows you to share the information with other users. If you love some competition, you can compare your performance with other riders on its segment leaderboards.  If you emerge the winner, there are lots of titles to take home.

You can download and use the app for free, but the premium version gives you access to features like Strava club and daily training plans, which is suitable for beginners.

Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens app uses open street map. Many riders love the app due to its numerous functional features. The app works as a travel guide and a navigator with a database of more than 450 European cities and other several cities around the world. Bike Citizens’ databases are regularly updated, giving you the confidence to cycle and tour a foreign country without a tour guide.

With Bike Citizens, you can easily check exciting spots visited by previous cyclists. That can make it easy for you to know where to visit and explore other new places. The app also offers several routes that you can explore depending on your bike and your preference.

For example, the app suggests for you the routes you can take for smooth rides. In addition, you can always turn off your data once you have mapped out your route. And if you don’t like typing, you can always use its voice command feature.

Santander Cycles

If you’re ever on vacation in London and you want to explore the city on a bike, Santander Cycle is the perfect app to have. Launched in 2010, the app allows you to locate the nearest docking station and check on the availability of bikes. You just have to enable the GPS on your smartphone and the app automatically directs you to the nearest docking station.

After locating an available bike, you can hire it by paying with your credit card or use the terminals at the station. And if you’re new in London, the app allows you to key in your destination and help you choose between the quickest or the less hasty route. If you’re not in a hurry, just use your headphones for running to listen to music as you enjoy the ride.


Komoot is a cycling app that features voice navigation functionality, offers several routes, records your activities and allows you to share your experiences with your friends.

Based on Open Streetmap, the app also allows you to add and share routes you find fascinating. You can also see and try enthralling routes shared by other users. However, keep in mind that the first route suggested by the app is typically the quickest.

Bike Computer

Bike Computer is an app that allows you to keep track of speed, temperature, time and distance. You just have to tap the red button on the dashboard to track your activities. The app also tracks your heartbeat with fitness devices. Just wear some tracksuits and keep fit while enjoying your ride.

With Bike Computer, you can save your progress and review later to note down your improvements. You can share your performance and experiences with friends and family.

Cycling is gaining popularity now more than ever. With these apps, you can make your cycling more fun. What do you think? Which app do you use?