8 Surprising Uses for Cable Ties

Have you discovered the joy of organizing all your cables and wires from a tangled nest into a neat bundle with cable ties?

If you use cable ties in your home, you’ve probably discovered a few unusual and resourceful ways that these little ties come in handy. But their potential is limitless. From helping you grow a lush garden to making your homie kiddie-proof, zip ties can do it all!

Keep reading to find out unusual home hacks for cable ties and you’ll no doubt be running to the shops to stock up!

1. Support Your Garden

Cable ties have many uses in the garden and can help to support your plants and vines. If you’re having trouble with ‘floppy’ or top-heavy flowers and plants that are giving in to gravity. you can secure them to garden stakes using zip ties.

Using clear zip ties and cutting the excess off ensures that it’s well hidden, so it won’t upset the aesthetic of your garden at all.

Plastic cable ties are especially useful to train vining and climbing plants on trellises and arbors. Simply attach the plant to the trellis to train the direction and to protect produce-heavy vines from snapping. Be sure not to pull the zip tie too tight as you don’t want to damage the plant.

2. Childproof Your Home

As your little one begins to grow, walk, and explore, their curiosity can be a cause of concern for you. The same goes if you have friends with young children and when they visit, you may be worried about all the potential dangers in your home.

You can childproof your home using cable ties. You can secure cabinets with dangerous items using cable ties. Either put all sharp objects, harmful cleaning products, and such in one cabinet and secure it.

Or, use a reusable cable tie to close off all of the off-limits areas. The reusable cable ties are fantastic for this because you can secure cabinets when kids are around, yet access things easily without having to cut the cable tie.

3. Replace a Zipper Pull

There are few things as frustrating as a zipper pull breaking off of a zipper. This happens often with bags when you put too much tension on the zipper pull.

Rather than throwing the item away or paying a lot of money to get the entire zipper replaced, you can just use cable zip ties. Simply replace the missing zipper pull with a cable tie and voila!

The same goes for missing buttons or broken backpack straps. Substitute either with a cable tie to keep these items functional and usable.

4. Travel Organizer

There are tons of ways you can use cable ties for packing and traveling. You can secure your luggage with cable ties, deterring thieves and giving you a visual clue if someone has tampered with your bag.

You can attach a bag label of any kind to your bag, or even just a bright object, to help you identify your luggage at the baggage claim area.

Lastly, use cable ties to fasten rolled up clothes in order to make them more compact, so you can fit more in your bag.

5. Camping Tool

Any frequent camper knows that there are constantly little things that you forget or stuff that breaks while on your trip. Heavy-duty cable ties are a camper’s best friend, for a variety of reasons.

There are tons of applications for zip ties while camping. You can secure your tent to prevent unwanted wild guests, such as snakes and raccoons, from inviting themselves in.

You can hang necessities and food in trees to keep it away from bears, attach items to your backpack or even use them around your ankles and wrists to hold your clothes close to your body as protection against bugs and mosquitoes

6. Secure Hubcaps

Are you still rolling around in an older car model with hub caps? Usually made of metal or plastic, these hub caps are important to keep the wheel rim protected.

They are removable, as hub caps are fitted with a spring clip or interference clip. But if the driving conditions are a bit rough or the clips get damaged, the hub caps can fly off and potentially create a road hazard and accident.

But all you need is a couple of heavy-duty cable ties to ensure that doesn’t happen. Fasten the hubcaps to the rims with the cable ties but make sure that they don’t obstruct the wheel brake rotors or anything else on the rim.

7. Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

Get festive with the help of zip ties! Setting up Christmas lights, garlands and wreaths is so simple when using cable ties.

Zip ties come in a range of colors, so you can color coordinate with your decorations so that they fit right in.

8. Drill Depth Gauge

An awesome cable tie hack in the workshop is to use a zip tie as a depth gauge on your drill. Chances are you’re already using cable ties in your workshop for a number of things.

Tie it around your drill bit and position it to the correct depth to identify when to stop drilling. You can move it around as necessary for the desired depth.

Getting Creative With Cable Ties 

These eight surprising uses for cable ties are just the tip of the iceberg. You can get creative with fixing, making, and securing things around your home and garden with a little bit of resourcefulness and a whole lot of cable ties. 

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