5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Use Your Phone For

Most people know that they can use their cell phones for things like playing puzzle games while they’re in the waiting room for the doctor or for texting and video chatting with family and friends. You probably have your email set up on your phone and maybe even contactless payments set up through your credit card.

However, beyond all those basic yet extraordinary things that we know our phones can already do, there are other things that many people may not even realize are possible. There are all sorts of apps and features just waiting to be discovered. Take a look at some of the wonderful things that you didn’t know you could use your phone for. 

Designing Your Home 

Believe it or not, there is an interior designer inside of you just waiting to be unleashed. Your phone is a wonderful tool for designing and decorating your home using some of the best tips from professionals. From choosing your ceiling to deciding what the best color palette is for your bathroom, there’s access to that in the palm of your hand. 

Losing Weight 

Traditional weight loss methods like counting your calories with a pen and paper are still perfectly practical ways to lose pounds. However, there are apps that can make calorie counting a breeze without having to do math at all. Certain apps will even calculate your daily burn for you when you sync your food diary with your fitness watch

If you’re looking to trim your waistline, then look no further than the phone you already have.   

A Remote Control 

Have you ever lost your TV remote control and pulled your hair out in frustration since you can’t change the channel? Before you rush to your cable provider and beg them for a new remote control, you should know that your phone can be used as a remote.  That’s right—there are apps you can download that turn your phone into a universal remote control for just about any television. Who would have thought? 

GPS Monitor 

Have you ever worried about your kids walking home from school? By linking a device on your child’s wrist with your phone, you can keep track of your child’s whereabouts and never worry again.  It’s especially handy for older kids who are starting to be awarded more independence. It’s reassuring knowing that you can see them on a map anytime you want, since in today’s day and age, you can never be too sure. 


Even though fax machines are basically ancient technology, there still come occasions when you need to fax a document. Luckily, you don’t need to rush to your local Kinko’s—you don’t have to leave the house at all. There are many apps that offer fax capabilities so that you can send your document no sweat.