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Your Guide To Understanding Procore

Construction projects often have many moving parts that all must come together for the project to be successful.

Managing all of these different facets can often be difficult, and a problem in one area that goes undetected can result in a project missing deadlines and going over budget.

There are several technology tools to help with this problem, one of which is Procore.

Procore is a construction management software suite that helps guide and track all aspects of the construction process. This means from the bidding process all the way through until completion.

Below, we’ll look at the key features of Procore and why it can be an indispensable tool for those involved in the construction industry.

What Is Procore?

Procore is an integrated software suite that helps owners, contractors, public groups, and specialty contractors manage their bidding and construction jobs.

Procore replaces the use of several separate applications that are often used for the different stages of construction jobs and instead integrates them all into one place.

By doing this, jobs can more easily be tracked and monitored, which can boost efficiency and productivity substantially over other project management techniques.

What Makes Procore Different?

Procore was developed in response to the perceived lack of technological innovation when it comes to the management side of construction projects.

This resulted in a fully integrated solution that can track and monitor all aspects of construction, from bid qualification until completion.

What Procore manages:

  • Pre-construction
  • Project execution
  • Workforce management
  • Financial management
  • Construction intelligence/analytics

By having all of these tools under one program, construction projects become much easier to manage.

This also provides a way to quickly see an overview of any project and spot any problems at a glance. Gone are the days of pouring over spreadsheets or documents looking for where budgets have gone over or deadlines have been missed.

Instead, an informative dashboard presents all the critical information and any detail can be chosen to dive in further to see more information.

Leverage The Power Of Procore With ZenTek Consultants Services

Being a Procore Certified Consultant, ZenTek Consultants has the expertise to help businesses leverage Procore for maximum ROI. We do this by providing 3 key services in addition to installation, implementation, and training.

Procore Analytics

Procore is a data powerhouse, but all that data can at times be overwhelming. With ZenTek Consultants, we can turn that data into easy-to-access graphs and visual tools. Not only does this make the data easier to understand, but it’s also right there at your fingertips at all times.

This visualization makes spotting problem areas so much faster, which saves money and time on every project.

Procore Action Plans

Action plans are vital to maximizing workflows and maintaining accountability throughout various tasks and goals. ZenTek Consultants can develop and implement your Procore Action Plans so that tasks are always completed according to your specific demands.

Custom Reports

Procore has strong reporting features, but most companies need customization for these reports to truly get the most from them. ZenTek Consultants can quickly add custom fields and calculations to reporting features so you get the critical data you need to make informed decisions.

The experts at ZenTek Consultants are Procore certified and specialize in offering the software, hardware, and training services that design and construction companies need to stay one step ahead. They can help your business increase efficiency and profitability today.