Writing the Best About Us Page for Your Business

Imagine a world in which business websites were limited to a single page with a content length of about 500 words. In such a world, firing up your web browser would be an experience similar to leafing through a Rolodex of business cards, and we can easily imagine that companies would likely design their single-page websites as if they were the “About Us” pages we are familiar with.

In the early 1990s, when Sir Tim Berners-Lee published the first website on a network that would later be called the World Wide Web, he never intended it to be a single page. This pioneering website did not explicitly link to an “about” page, but it directed visitors to an executive summary of about 600 words. We can safely say that informative “about” pages developed organically and eventually became a standard of web development.

About Us: Why Should We Care?

Every page in a website is filled with the potential of making a lasting impression, but this is even more the case with “About Us” or “About Me” pages. Web developers and digital marketers agree that this page should be given the attention it truly deserves for the following reason: Visitors who click on it are more likely to do business with you. It is better to think of this page as an opportunity to create a conversion than as a business card.

About Your Business Goals

Websites designed to represent the online presence of a company or a self-employed professional should have goals. For most commercial enterprises, these goals will be sales-oriented, and you can certainly inject some of this purpose into the “About” page. The key here is not to go overboard with the selling aspect; you do not want this page to end up reading like a landing page. When writing the content for this page, ask yourself “why should visitors buy my products or retain my services?” The answer should be on this page, but it should also be succinct.

Business Profiles in About Pages

“About” pages should not be limited to providing information about companies; in some cases, they need to be written about individuals. Here’s an example of an About Us profile that is centered on a member of the management team. Notice how it is essentially a professional biography; this is a good idea for companies with business models that rely on the expertise of key individuals. In this particular example, the profile runs for 500 words, and this is a recommended length in terms of content.

Getting Creative With About Pages

Some of the best “about” pages can be found within the websites of digital marketing agencies. Since these companies deal in creativity, they make sure that this is clearly reflected in their “about” pages. If your line of business requires you to get creative from time to time, the “about” page is where you want to let visitors know that you are up to the challenge. You can be as clever as you want as long as you keep things relevant and respectful.